Under standing Media

Hyundae J Kang

Smore #1

Media is the most important source of information, communication, and enjoyment in our society and culture. Things like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and the News are types sof media that brings people together and is significant in our everyday lives. To me media is something that provides a source of information, and communication with one another through a network online or is shown through any electronic device that is capable in accessing the network. Someone who can read a book, newspaper, comic or even write a book, newspaper, and comic is someone who is literate. Also i think being able to understand and analyze what your reading and writing is another thing i consider as being literate. So the big question the big question is what does "Media literate" mean? First word is media, which i assume relates to the media, so anything that ranges from tweets to news articles are media. Also the word literate would relate to media by analyzing the specific text of media we are looking at. For example if we were reading a news article online or a tweet, "media literate" would mean to look at the overall meaning of that specific text and understanding what it is implying. It would be similar to looking at a literature text in our textbook, but instead it's looking at a media related text which we analyze. In conclusion, I think "media literate" is another type of way of analyzing literature, but it's more focused on media related things.

Smore #2

Social media has been an important influence in our society by connecting individuals around the world, sharing entertainment, creating opportunities for people, and is an important thing in people’s lives. Without social media, the world wouldn’t be able to communicate with different people around the world, and learn about the different culture around the world. Social media has brought innovation to the way we connect with people and brought entertainment and opportunities all together. For example things like vine, Snapchat, and people uploading humorous videos in their country are additional features that have been the recent social norm in social media. People will log onto their social media to not only communicate with their friends but also share and view different entertaining videos. Also people who create videos like vine or on YouTube have received an opportunity to become famous on the internet and create a living out of it because of social media. I would also agree that social media has now become an important part of my life, because of how it helps organize some parts of my life, bring entertainment, and helps me communicate and grow closer with my fellow family and friends. The reason why I didn’t do this challenge was because I forgot about it. Social media has become a normal thing in my life that I didn’t have enough self-control to attempt or complete the challenge. I hope that the next time I received the same challenge, I would be more self-control and attempt.

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Smore #3

After the lesson about the hidden implications of media messages, I've gained a more broader perspective on images that are displayed in our society. At first before learning about the hidden implications of media message, i didn’t really think much about the images that were displayed in magazines and in website. but i did find some images inappropriate but mostly i didn’t think some normal pictures had hidden implications of being inappropriate. For example the Patriotic magazine image in the power point. i first thought it was just a regular model image showing just the product, however when going more in depth of the meaning behind the image. it was very shocking to find out how much the image showed women being a possession and accessories. i didn’t realize how much of the images that many magazine and things on the internet portray women in such a degrading way. It really made me rethink about looking at any image of any magazine or on the internet. Overall I think society should really focus on changing the way we take pictures for our magazines and really teach the people, our children, and our future generations that the images that display women in a very degrading way should be taught as something wrong.

Smore #4

So i was looking at this article about Donald Trump talking about that in order to stop terrorism we need to get to their families first because the families knew about the terrorism acts that were about to happen. He used 911 to be an example of how before the terrorism committed the act they sent their families back to Saudi Arabia for safety and said that their families watched them commit the heinous acts. However, on politifact this article was claimed as a false statement because the terrorist in 911 were mostly single or had a girlfriend and even with families connection none of them knew that person would commit such an terrorism act. This rebuked Trump's claim of how terrorism is connected to families members and that in order to prevent terrorism it starts with dealing with their families members. Overall its important to fact check things that president's say because they could use random incorrect facts in order to seem like they know what their talking about or just trying to get people to agree with them. Fact checking helps individual know what a difference is between lie and a truth also it can help formulate a more arguable and stronger opinions towards opinions. In conclusion its important to fact check and not take in people's opinions without considering that it may be wrong.

Smore #5

1. The Paris Commune was so powerful because the working people of Paris decided to overthrow their capitalist state with their own form of government because they wanted to end the exploitation and oppression the government was enforcing onto the people.

2. The people of France enacted on this rebellion because after losing the Franco-Prussian War the country was in a chaotic state therefor the National Assembly tried to conclude a peace with Germany, but the Parisian workers feared that the National Assembly meeting would restore monarchy. This led to the worker revolting against the French government.

3. The Parisian workers responded to the severe economic crisis in France with strikes. They organized labor unions and several political clubs. The First International was an organization of workers that defended the Revolutionary ideas of workers. The working class, also known as the National Guard, was favored by the French army and eventually the middle class.

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Smore #6

In my opinion O'Brien is the villain in the book and that he's not the victim of the party's philosophy but is a supporter of it. The actions that O'Brien displays are someone who isn't forced in committing the party's philosophy onto people but is a free will where he wants people to be made to think in the party's philosophy. Just how in the mil gram where someone who has more authority is more influential in our decision is not similar to O'Brien case, because to me the way he performs in his actions is someone who is for and isn't against against the party stands for. Also he'll do anything for the party. " We are not interested in those stupid crimes that you have committed. The Party is not interested in the overt act: the thought is all we care about. We do not merely destroy our enemies, we change them. Do you understand what i mean by that?"(3.2.99, O'Brien) the way O'Brien states "We" reflects on how O'Brien is almost like he is part of the party. This relates with how O'Brien is someone who wasn't forced to do what the party says but is someone who chose to follow the party's ideology and have his actions reflect its ideology.

Smore #7

After finishing a semester on the course of 12th grade media literacy, I've learned a lot about media literacy and how omnipresent it is in our society. Looking back to the first time i wrote what media literacy was about, I personally think that what i thought media literacy was like in my first smore entry was very similar to what i learned through out this course. In my first smore i said that " "media literate" is another type of way of analyzing literature, but it's more focused on media related things." and over this course i was looking through many media related things that we analyzed and interpreted its significance in our society. For example when we were looking at the deeper meaning behind ad's, i was able to understand more of the meaning behind each ad we looked over and i was also learning that even pictures had a deeper meaning that our society are conveying. Compared to my other language art courses that i took over my high school career, those language arts class focused more on the literature of books and understand the overall theme of the book; however in this course i was able to not only look at literature pieces that reflected on the consequences and benefits of the media but also looked at modern literature that we were able to relate fully. I really enjoyed taking this course because of how relate able it was to my life and how challenging it was to understanding the things the our society portrays media. Overall taking this course helped me learn more about the relationship between media and our society and understanding media more than i ever had before.

Smore #8

The video "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity" by Prince Ea, is a video that reflects the negative affect of technology to our society, specifically targeting social media. Ea presents his topic in a rhythm style video by showing us how technology has made us more selfish and how its intention is very different from what it was meant to be created for. Technology has created to help benefit the population but instead has created a barrier amongst the population. This is something that every single human should think about because if we don't act now then this negative effect will continue to grow and become a bigger problem down the road for human life. In order to prevent and fix this problem, we need to be more aware of our actions and have company's that make these technology create restrictions for us in order to help us manage our addiction. Also i think a big role in fixing this addiction is us having the conscious and awareness of the problem at hand and having self restraint when trying to fix this bad behavior. in my opinion the reason why technology has lost its true intention is because of the actions we have displayed when using technology. If we are more aware of the actions we present when using technology the negative intention technology has will slowly disappear. Also because social media is known for being the addiction we can use social media to help promote the awareness and slowly inform the world about the problem we are facing with technology. Overall i think as human beings we should notice this problem and asset the problem by being aware and having the consciousness to try and fix this problem that we are facing, because this will effect not our current generation but the generation to come after us and after them.