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A message from Senior Anna Grace Sauvie,

Hey Franklin Band Families!

I hope that everyone is having a great time in quarantine despite having to go through this rough time. I know the 2020 graduated class has really had some unexpected twist thrown at them these past few months. It is a shame that prom, graduation and the band banquet have been postponed for later dates but at least we have something to look forward to. I know that it’s not just me that sits home and wonders “Why does this have to happen like this?”. It is not the most ideal thing to have COVID-19 pop up your senior year, when your senior year is suppose to be the best year of high school. I know that it is difficult for me to be quarantined at home but I’ve tried to make the best out of it. I have been spending quality time with my family and my best friends family, we basically have been quarantined together, which is nice. I also have spent a lot of time fishing, hiking, taking long drives that lead to no where, and practicing my lacrosse skills. I’ve also spent a good chunk of time working on filling out more college paperwork and getting prepared for college, but I sure am low on money because my work has closed due to COVID-19, so being a lifeguard doesn’t really help pay the bills right now.

Social distancing has clearly given people a lot of time to post on social media about missing band and whenever I see that I start to think about my TFB experience. I have missed seeing my band friends everyday, seeing Mr.Campos and Mrs.V, and playing music with everyone. Looking back on my freshman year marching a huge 12 foot robot, I never thought that I’d be in the band that made TFB history my junior year. Senior year had some unexpected twist, from what happened at COC to not being able to finish our senior year out the right way. Through out my time in TFB I have absolutely loved and cherished every moment, I will never forget all the wonderful memories I made with this band. TFB has become my family and I for sure will be coming back to watch this band get better and better each year. Thank you to all the parents, staff, and students that I have met throughout my experience in the TFB that have made it unforgettable.

With the being said, next year I will be attending the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and going through the volunteer bridge program. I plan to major in animal science and eventually become a canine rehabilitation veterinarian. I also plan to play on the lady volunteers lacrosse team at UTK. I am really excited to start the next chapter in my life but I am sad to be leaving what has shaped me for the past 4 years. The Franklin Band has changed my life in extraordinary ways and it has really shaped who I am today. Thank you once again to everyone that has helped make marching band the best experience of my life.


All students should come to the band room to clean out lockers Tuesday or Thursday this week per the school schedule provided. Please follow the directions below.

  • Students will have to enter from the MAIN BAND ROOM DOORS OUTSIDE and not through the art hallway. There will be no access in or out of Simpson hall to the main building.
  • Only 3-5 Students will be allowed to enter the band room at a time depending on location of locker (Guard Room, Lobby, Tuba, Baritone, Perc room.) and at the discretion of the teachers.
  • Try to not cause congestion on the road behind the band room. Please do not park there.
  • Please clean out ALL items and ALL TRASH.
  • Wind Ensemble students please return all original copies of music.


What does it mean to be in the Franklin Band?

2020-2021 Membership Survey

Please complete the survey below to let us know your band plans for 20-21!

2020-2021 Franklin Band Membership Survey


Write some cards to people in retirement communities.

Many people in retirement communities are missing visitors now due to the current situation. Laura Ann Grayson is heading this up. The steps will work as follows:

1. Emaill about writing cards

2. I will give them a few names (first names only) to write a card to.

a. If they get one of our ladies, they can write a Mother’s Day card, if they want. I am making sure our men get cards, too so it can be a “Have a great Day” card, too.

b. Be creative!! Draw a picture, add a joke or a riddle, include something fun!

3. Address the envelope this way…

For (enter first name here)

Laura Anne Grayson

11 Burton Hills Blvd

Nashville, TN 37215

4. Knowing some of our residents, they will want to send you a thank you card back so, if you are comfortable, make sure you put a return address!!

5. Plan to get the cards in the mail as soon as possible, Wednesday May 6th at the latest!

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Please talk to families you know who have kids in 5th and 8th grade about band. That means actively call, message, or write to those folks about being in band. We need all the help we can recruiting for 9th grade and beginning band!


Students Grades 9-11 should all be working on their auditions for fall ensemble chair placements.

Need to Smile and Deal with our Disney Withdrawal? Take a look:

Missing Disney? This might help...

The Franklin Band Members Positively Impact Our Communities

Brandon V.

"I’ve been reconnecting with old friends from governor’s school and playing duets with them! Playing for my family and asking for critiques from friends is a great way for me to keep up my skills and have fun with the pieces I love."

Sam P.

"My Mom always loves listening to Bollywood songs from the 60s/70s, so I learned how to play some to cheer her up!"

Damian O.

Damian has been providing entertainment for his family:"very funny when we came home for the first time with our new dog, and she must have either been really confused, or had never really heard music live before, because she cocked her head like “that noise came from you?”"

A peek into next years show!

Palladio - Karl Jenkins

Music & Literature Corner

The Resurrection Symphony

Mahler's Second Symphony, also known as the Resurrection Symphony, can best be described in Mahler's own lyrics when a choir joins the orchestra in the fifth movement of this work (No. 47), "Die I will, so that I might live!". If there is only one thing I could share with you about this symphony, it would be to close your eyes and enjoy each movement of this work. The final movement (V) is `known as the "Apocalypse", and is fitting after I heard about Murder Hornets this morning. I'm just kidding - we'll be fine - and that's exactly what this movement makes me feel: angst, worry, calm, resolution, and a rebirth of epic proportions.

The clip below is the best virtual ensemble I have found, as of yet. Enjoy the NY Philharmonic brass/perc/winds play the brass chorale from Mahler II: V

To listen to the entire symphony (roughly 90 minutes!), follow this link:

Mahler Symphony No. 2, Fifth Movement: Brass Chorale

May The Fourth Be With You

Enjoy the Army Field Band playing Star Wars - and play along with their Live Star Wars Trivia!

And check out the clip below of a brave, young trumpeter playing in front of John Williams' home! Who wants to fly to LA with Mr. Campos and myself to play trios in front of his house?!

May the Fourth Be With You
John Williams Greets Star Wars Musicians At Home


By popular demand, here's an update on your TFB Directors. We both miss you so much!

Mr. Campos

Besides working on current and future band work I am working on my Spanish Studies while running 4-5 miles, 5 Days a week. Now if I could only change my eating habits! I repaired a bike I found at my dads place and have also been riding it some. Momo is doing great and just as scary! I also find some time to play Breath of The Wild, and I beat the final trials for the fully powered Master Sword last weekend. (wow I am a nerd) I thought about getting into Mine craft but I am just not so sure about it. When I am not being a nerd I am reading books on intonation... not joking.. I guess that is still pretty nerdy.

Mrs. V

Charlotte will be 6 months old Tuesday when school gets "out" for the day at 2:47pm. She's started to crawl, already, and we're working on her free-buzzing skillz! I just had my wisdom teeth taken out just before our last Zoom meeting (which is why I wasn't talking much) and am hating that I cannot play my instrument or go jogging for a while, but am enjoying my husband delivering food to the couch!