iTech With Browsers

Get your surf on! Which browser should you choose?

** Except when using NBC Learn, limit the use of IE (Internet Explorer) when at school. It just doesn’t function well with most of the sites and applications that you’ll use. Google Drive often works best with Chrome, but not always. If a site isn’t displaying correctly, big hint! Switch to something else!

  • Read the following articles and review from Top Ten Reviews and decide if you agree or disagree.

  • Now, take this quick survey to let us know your favorite and which one you plan to use:

  • Keep your Plugins up to date, so your laptop will function properly!

    1. In Firefox, click the Firefox button > Add-ons > “Check to see if your plugins are up to date”. Download and install anything necessary.

    2. In general, both sites will prompt you (at the top of a webpage) if you’re missing a plugin to view the page correctly.

  • You’ve got your browser established; now set up your Bookmarks Toolbars for those go-to sites that you’ll use most frequently. Here’s what a portion of mine looks like now:

The process is generally the same for Firefox and Chrome.

  • Using the one-click method:

      1. While on the site you want to bookmark, click the Bookmark star at the end of the address bar.

  • Then select Bookmarks bar/toolbar to add it to the end of your toolbar.

  • View the how-to screencast using Ctrl + D in Firefox and in Chrome (for you non-clickers) for more details about working with the Toolbar!