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Archery Team

If your student has paid to attend the archery tournament on Thursday, we will have an EMERGENCY practice tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday March 11, 2015. This practice is only for team members attending the tournament. We have missed too many practices because of weather so we need to have at least one more before our tournament. Wish us luck as Harvest competes in our first ever archery tournament!!

P.E. Accepts Used Items

Buying equipment for our P.E. program each year gets pretty costly. One ball for each child can sometimes cost $10-15 per ball. If it's possible, we would love for you to donate any "gently used" items hidden around the house that aren't used anymore. This would greatly benefit us and maybe even help you get rid of some clutter in your garage!

Some items we would greatly appreciate are:

- An old ipod

- Basketballs

- Legos

- Any old sports equipment

- Small old toys for our P.E. Treasure Box

- Gently used kids shoes for students that may need a better pair

Thank you for all your support!

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