October Private School Newsletter


Happy Fall!!

Hello Private School Families,

Happy October! It's so wonderful to start our monthly newsletters for the 2021-2022 school year. It always brings me so much joy to share a summary of the previous month and together, get excited about what is ahead.

Academics: September was so much fun getting to know one another, forming routines and structure while having fun, being silly, and learning our new routine for the school year. Ms. Nirvanna and Ms. Gabby have truly shared their passion for getting to know their new classroom. Ms. Nirvanna is over the moon excited as the new teacher and Ms. Gabby is so happy to be back for her 2nd year. The best part of a new school year is getting to know the children's personalities, their likes and dislikes and academically learning where everyone is starting off. Every activity is designed with the individuality of each student in mind. That is what is so special about a boutique school and such amazing academic teachers. Our fun Fridays have been such a hit! The students have really enjoyed diving into science, working in teams, and using their creativity in a way that challenges them! We can't wait to see how the year progresses. Ms. Nirvanna and Ms. Gabby are so thankful for how attentive and supportive the parents are. "This is going to be an AMAZING year" - Ms. Nirvanna and Ms. Gabby have both stated in a team meeting! Reminder, progress reports will go home with your child on October 8th!

Centre Stage Performing Arts:

Mr. Kevin has had a great time working with the children about the creation story! He had so much fun putting together a really cool project with the students. He also began working on our faith-based musical, Raad Tidings. Mr. Kevin is so excited to begin working with the children to prepare them to join the studio cast in the production this November!

Mr. Edgar has been so proud to be a new teacher at the school this year. He is very excited to see how the students progress in piano/music class. He loves the diversity and always reminds me how SHARP each child is in this group this year. He is amazed how the students help each other out, such as unfamiliar terminology in music class. He was impressed by how he saw one collective group of students trying to develop each other's skills. "The power of learning in a small group setting allows students to get to know each other, and for us, as teachers to pay more attention to specific areas that need development," said Mr. Edgar. Mr. Edgar started teaching a new piece for our Christmas Show. Each student plays a specific part in the song 12 days of Christmas. You better bring your camera and tissues for this one. You will NOT believe it! Mr. Edgar is so impressed with how important it is to the students to play the correct part even if they just learned the piece! "THAT IS CALLED COMMITMENT!" Mr. Edgar expressed this to our team! Mr. Edgar is so excited for this performance in December and more excited to see each student reach their full potential with this exciting program.

Ms. Lyndsey has had a wonderful start to this new school year working on a small Fall scene. They have been working on "What is theater" and working on a scene together. In dance, she has been working on techniques and different styles of dance. Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theater are what they are covering with techniques. Ms. Lyndsey is always reminded every day she teaches why she is a teacher. She loves the children so much. Sometimes there are extra special moments that remind her how MUCH she loves to teach. Xavier was working so hard on his turn for a few weeks. One day, HE DID IT. Not only was Ms. Lyndsey so excited, but organically, THE ENTIRE CLASS started to clap for him (I'm tearing up even writing this). This is the beauty of a boutique school. What we are teaching each other as adults and as children is indescribable. I am excited to share that Xavier is now doing an amazing job with his turns, however, it's the story, the love, the comradery of such a small well-selected group of children, that touches Ms. Lyndsey's heart so much.

Miss Crystal has been so excited to start teaching Ballet to our Private School Students this year. She is a teacher at our studio and she is FUN! Miss Crystal was so excited to share that in only one month, everyone has learned so much! During class, they have focused on stretching, conditioning, ballet barre, center barre, across the floor, and choreography. What does that mean? Ask your children! You will be so impressed with what they already know! They have started their Christmas dance already and she is so excited to work hard with the students to prepare for December's show! "In only one month I have already seen improvement in each student. I am so excited to watch them grow this school year. " - Miss Crystal.

Ms. Diane has been extremely active in all aspects of the day. She has enjoyed watching the students in each class and learning about each individual student. She is personally teaching an entrepreneurial class and is having the best time watching the children thrive. They have been working on an impressive project. The class has adopted children from Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Mozambique and the school is working hard with our students to send them financial help, supporting in a project to build wells, provide supplies so the children can go to school, and provide nutritious food. Your children have been enjoying this so much and what it is teaching is something they will carry with them forever. Besides the lesson of helping others, the students in this entrepreneurial class have been working on a business name, logo, budget and so much more. I am excited to report each month on the progress, connection, and lessons from this incredible experience.

It has been such a pleasure to watch and learn from all the teachers what incredible work has already been accomplished in only one month. As Frank Herbert once said, "There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story." Until November's newsletter, if I may support any of you in any way, please reach out to me!

Heather Hultgren

Director Of Operations


Raad Tidings, A Christmas Musical. The story of Christmas told from the perspective of the animals!

Saturday, Nov. 20th, 7pm

9804 South Military Trail

Boynton Beach, FL

Our Private School students and our studio children who signed up for this special musical, Raad Tidings, will perform at the movie theater in our plaza on November 20th at 7:00 pm. Dress rehearsal will be on November 19th from 5:45 pm - 8:30 pm. Details will be sent home! Keep a lookout and save the date for this special show! This show will be open to your friends and family at no charge.
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Class Halloween Party!

Friday, Oct. 29th, 8am

9804 South Military Trail

Boynton Beach, FL

Get ready for a super fun Halloween party during school! Details will be sent home! You may be out of uniform for this special fun day and in a not-so-spooky Halloween costume!
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October Verse Of The Month Mathew 19:14

Did you know that if a bible verse does not make sense, the best way to make sense of it is to put it in context by reading the full chapter.
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Meet Our Centre Stage Team

We are so excited to share the details about our Performing Arts Teachers and who is working with your beautiful children.
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