Future of Space Exploration

By: Aaditya Vittal (Space Tourism)

So Whats Going to Happen............

There is many stuff waiting out in space so we can explore. And we are going to make further exploration.

The Future

  • President Obama challenged NASA to go to a huge asteroid and the moon to build a base by 2025 and to mars by 2030

  • For mars they are doing ORIAN ,a spacecraft and they do all kinds of tests to get prepared

  • 2020 they are going to make a new International Space Station and fit 20 people.

    • 2025 they are going to make a permanent moon base

    • 2030 first man is going to Mars for 1 week in space craft Orion

      • 2024 they are going to make a new space station and they have not yet made the design

      • 2040-2050 first space elevator

      • 2060 permanent mars base

      • 2065 mining the asteroid belt

      • sometime when i'm not alive they will build a city on mars

      • 2065 onward thy will go to Jupiter's moon and make base there.

      • going to terraform Saturn's moon so it will have water land resources.

      • explore Pluto

        • when we are 7000 yrs or older they are going to have Venus terraformed. I Don't think it will happen.

        we can do private space tourism . ride on a Russia's Soyuz for $30 million. Virgin Galactic is preparing to offer suborbital rides for $200,000. Those rides have not started yet but should come in a few years. it took about 10,000 dollars per pound of weight to go into space. Of course, this cost is used to pay for not only the ship but also for the fuel.
      • by this time we will have mars terraformed mars.

Traveling in Light-speed!!!

People say the light speed is impossible but we could go in light speed if we wanted to and the way scientist's are thinking that we could go in light speed with anti-matter and anti-matter is possotive electrons reversed and atoms not reversed.

they first smash a atom against the posotrons (possotive electrons reversed) and it creates anti-matter. They are going to do this when they terraform Mars.

If we go 100% of light speed the 1 day will be 1 whole year on earth.

Stephen Hawking - What It Takes to Time Travel

TerraForming Mars

  • now what we do best is global warming and we do that to mars to terraform it we basically do pollution

  • to terraform mars they have to melt the ice and carbon dioxide of the ice will thicken the atmosphere of mars. the the melted ice will start to flow. the sky will be blue like earth and lakes and other water feature will form small amounts of oxygen. There will be storms. so much of water will be here and snow too. evaporated water will be there to form clouds. moss will form to make living stuff. plants will start to grow because we will plant it.we will slowly bring animals to mars.

Terraforming Mars

Space Tourism

To go to the moon it costs more than $100,000. Russia is making a space hotel and it costs $60,000,000 to go to the hotel. It will come in 2016. NASA says that they will take 100 people to space and make the ISS (the new one) so it will be like a hotel.

Space Adventures - Suborbital Space Tourism


The space program is going to launch a higher level probe actually 3 and they found life on a planet called DARWIN floor.

D.F. is actually a planet with life but no water. All the water got evaporated and was never seen again. It never rained there.