Kimberly Lopez

Setting Goals

Academic Goals: Be more active at listening in class.

Athlete Goals: To join the volleyball and basketball team.

Personal Goals: To go to college and university.

Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacles: It takes time for me to learn new things.

Family Obstacles: To have some peace and quiet but that's almost impossible.

School Obstacles: Some teachers may think I'm a bad child/student.

Financial Obstacles: My family isn't the wealthiest family.


Teachers/Coaches: Ms. Area, Mr. Jezowski, Mrs. Vaughn.

Relatives: My cousins Lizbeth and Lupita.

Friends: Princess, Yareli, Ashley, Marlene, Aline.

Your Personal Action Plan

Attitude/Motivation Plan: My attitude has to be positive and not have any put downs.

Education/Training Plan: I plan on graduating college and the university.

Plan For Acquiring Needed Skills: I will keep going forwards and looking for the best.

Plan For Study And Practice: I want to know how to do what I'm doing.