Spaying and Neutering

By: Jody and Madison

Positive Effects

  • Sterilizes animal preventing pregnancy
  • Calms animal because they don't have an incessant need to seek out a mate
  • Fewer health problems

Negative Effects

  • Weight gain
  • Some people are offended by sterilization
  • Some health risks during and after the procedure

Common Misconceptions

  • Sterilizing your animal will make it less protective (False because protectiveness is based on genetics not sex hormones)
  • Sterilizing your dog is really expensive (False clinics are usually local and charge $100 or less for the procedure; due to the need it's becoming cheaper)


Some people consider spaying or neutering abusive to animals because they have no choice in the matter and it's not natural. They instead think you should be responsible with keeping your pets from breeding.

What would happen if this practice was stopped?

The dog and cat population would skyrocket without this practice. There are many animals that can be sterilized and their populations would definitely increase as well. But dogs and cats are the 2 species most affected by this practice. Breeding within farm animals would be difficult to control as well.