News from 4th Grade

Week of 1/30 - 2/3

News at a glance

  • This week we will be completing DRA tests during reading and will not do our usual Journey's lesson.
  • Friday, Feb 17th will be a no-school day for students, unless we have a snow day.
  • Monday, Feb 20th, there is no school regardless of snow days.
  • We will be having a small Valentine's Day celebration on Tuesday, February 14th in our classroom.
  • The reading goal project for the trimester is due on Wednesday, March 1st.
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Our class voted to have lunch in the classroom and to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events for our weekly reward

What We're Learning This Week


This week we will be completing our DRAs to see what growth we've made in reading this year. This information will be available to you during our mid-year conferences in March. In between DRAs we will be focusing on comprehension skills using Time for Kids magazines and Poppy Mayberry read aloud.

Math: Geometry

This week we will start our Geometry unit and will focus on lines, points, rays, line segments, and angles! This is a brand new concept for most so it will be an adventure for all of us!

Fluency: Fluency quiz this week will focus on division facts 0-9

Homework: Homework this week will be a take home test (open note, open book, open computer) to review decimals, fractions, rounding, factors and place value. The homework will be a test grade and is due on Friday, February 10th.

Social Studies

This week will continue our Pennsylvania history with a focus on William Penn, the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War. Please keep a look out for a biography project that will be assigned later in the week.


This week we will begin a larger writing project focusing on opinion writing. The topic will be Zoos: Cool or Cruel? Students will research the pros and cons of having zoos, form their own opinion on the matter and compose a formal opinion piece with supporting facts and details.

Valentine's Day Celebration

We will be having our Valentine's Day celebration on Tuesday, February 14th in the afternoon. Students are encourage to make or purchase valentines to share with their classmates. A note will go home this week for volunteers and snack sign-ups if you are able to help!

We have 22 students in the class:

  • Vicky
  • McKenzie
  • Max
  • Juan
  • Clayton
  • Grace
  • Mac
  • Dalton
  • Brynn
  • Keara
  • Leina
  • Cameron
  • Nate
  • Alex
  • Naman
  • Alexis
  • Piper
  • Amber
  • Cassie
  • Connor
  • Alyssa
  • Jerod

Mrs. LeBlanc

Please contact me with any questions or concerns!