Using technology to enhance teaching and learning


What technology has enhanced your teaching and your student's learning?

Let the e-learning committee or technology committee know and we will publish your ideas. We will also put them on the school intranet as a resource for others.

Staff development

The e-learning committee has prepared 3 sessions to assist staff in the use of technology .

Session 1: Onenote.

Scott Hyde will demonstrate the use of Microsoft Onenote, note organising software on the DER laptops.

Session 2: Ribbon Hero tutorial.

Lolita Garcia will demonstrate this computer game, a skills tutorial for using Powerpoint/ Word and Excel programs. It is found on Word 2010 on the DER laptops and library desktops.

Session 3: Staff survey/ Using printers to scan/ File sharing at Richmond High

Ian Pollard and Bruce Dunmore will present this session to update staff.