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This war is centered in Europe with the main powers being the German empire, Austro-Hungarian empire, Bulgaria, empires of Asia, Africa and the Pacific. The first 2 countries where Austria-Hungary and Serbie when Austria declared war. Later Germany, Britain, Russia, and France were involved. The countries in the war are almost all the biggest countries of the world. It started when the heir of the throne of Austria was killed along with his wife, who was pregnant by a terrorist group in Serbia. Also because Austria took over the turkish province. Another name for it is the "the war that will end all wars" or "the great wars" which are great names for it. There are two alliances inside the war, one is of the Austro-Hungarian empire with Germany, and a triple alliace of France, England, and Russia. There are many dominant countries, for example, Germany over Europle, England over the seas, etc. This is the rise of nationalism!
10 Remarkable Facts About World War One
10 most interesting facts about world war 1!

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Archduke Franz was the royal prince of Hungary and Bohemia, and had the thron of the Austro-Hungarian empire. His murder was what declared war with Serbia, which caused the central powers to declare war on each other. He was killed by a group of terrorists from Serbia during his visit to Sarajevo. Because of him the war turned so big. The triple alliance declared war against Serbia, but then other countries allied with Serbia, which were the Entente powers. Befoer his assassination, there was some tension between Serbia and the Austro-Hungarian empire, but nothing ever happened before. He was killed on June 18, 1914, that same date was when his murder was planned. The war was deyclared 10 days after his death, although his murder was only one of the reasons to start the war. Austyo-Hungary send a messae to Serbia on July 19 wich Serbia agreed with except for 2 things on the 25th. Obvioulsy, Austro was not happy with this and made a war against them 3 days later.

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Are you ready?

Are you ready to fight for your country and win, cause I am and the other countries surley wont back down! Countries are building their military forces, battleships and arms. It includes the first known use of chemical weapons, dont know want to use them? Did you know that 65 million troops were mobilized and only 8 million troops died? Also 21 million troops were wounded so if you dont feel comfortable enough to go to war remember that there is not so much chace of you dying but of getting injured. About 11% of the population in France got killed or wounded, the most important thing in war is to take care of yourself and watch out. It will start this June 28 and will last aproximatley 4 years. We have counted 30 countries in war and many sodiers suffer from shell-shock. Digs will be used to carry messages and to place telegraph wires in important areas. Pigeons will also be used although many will be dropped into eemy lines and then sent back with messages.

Nicolas II

Nicolas was the first emperor of Russia, the grand duke of Finland and the king of Poland. He made an alliance with France in world war 1. They spend 3 years in war before their economy started to fail because of this, althought the equipment of the russian army improved. After this they fighted until the war ended and it provoked the collapse of Imperial Russia. Russia was really unprepared for war so it went really bad for them. The war didnt weaken the government much but it did put it in a position where its fault of the war became extremley obvious. He entered war because his point was to distract the population from the real problem which was ruining Russia. When he didnt do anything about this he was killed and put off the thrown. They went away from war and lost land.
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Dont back down now

Many soldiers may be forced to fight in trenches with conditions like mud, wter, blood, etc. This was an extremley bloody war with many lifes lost but not much land has been won or lost. There are estimatley about 10 million soldiers killed. Mati Hari was a dancer killed by the french for espionage just recently. The german people crossed the Belgium border and had an easy success. There was also the East border, in which the russians and the austro-hungarians fought. The german troops and hungarians expelled the russians from Prusia and Poland. After the occupacy of Riga and the reconquist of Bucovina and Galitzia by the hungarian the russians signed the peace pact called Brest-Litofsc. Also the peace completley was signed the 3 of March. There is also the Italian border in which Italy declared war to the Austro-Hungarian empire. The italian military started the first offence on the 29 of May and it permitted them the conquist of Goricia. Then 2 years later, Ludendorf decided to make a counteroffense that made the Italians to back out. 1 year after that, which was the last year, the austro hungarian decided to separate. Some of them passed to the armys of the alliances. The atro-hungarian people decided to make a last offense. It was contained by the triple alliances because it would be bad for them if the other armys became bigger. They obligated the hungarian to sign the peace pact. The border of the Balcans wich were Greece, Romany and Bulgary declared themsleves neutral in the war, they wont fight against each other. The border of Turkey was when the british and the French attacked the Turkey and decided to attack Al-amarah and Nastriya. Those were the most important borders that are in world war 1


The president of the Germany Republic since 1925 until 1934. In the critical moment of the ww1 hw was called again to be the general of infantery in the active service. He was incharge of the defense of eastern Pursia. Later in 1916 he became boss of the major state and supreme commander of the German military. He was chose as the president of the republic twice one in 1932 and the other in 1925. Hw was impotent because of his age to prevent the rise of nationalism, the national socialism, and the given power to Adolf Hitler