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A letter to the School Committee, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and legislators

The proposed closing of MAVA, as well as the manner in which we, the parents, were made aware of the closing, has caused an untold amount of fear, pain, uncertainty, anger and sorrow. Currently, over 470 children are enrolled at MAVA who have found safety and shelter in virtual education.

Since the announcement of the closing, we have sprung into action. We have written letters, signed petitions, attended meetings, read transcripts, and researched legislation. What we have heard, over and over, from the Greenfield School Board, our State representatives, the Governor’s office and the Board of Education, is that it is someone else’s responsibility. We take umbrage at the suggestion that the well-being of the children of the Commonwealth is someone else’s problem.

We are parents, teachers, voters, taxpayers and now we find ourselves in the position of lobbyists. Now that we have learned what each of you cannot do, we would like to know what you CAN do on behalf of these precious children. There must be some type of compromise that would allow these children to continue their on-line education for one more year. Just one more year is what we are asking and pleading for. One more year for our children to learn in a safe and nurturing environment, where they aren’t afraid, where they can learn how to love to learn.

At this late date, it is nigh impossible for us to find alternative solutions for the upcoming school year. The lotteries for the charter and other alternative schools are over and done with. Few, if any of us, have the financial resources for private school, either on-line or brick and mortar. Under M.G.L. c. 76 §12B(k) our children have the right to remain in the Greenfield school system until their high school graduation. So we ask again, what CAN you do to help us?

There are several ways you can help. The RFP deadline for Greenfield’s application could be extended to June. The redacted item in the legislation that allowed Greenfield one year to wind down could be added back as a one-line amendment. Greenfield could be grandfathered in with the local school committee in control. As citizens, we cannot cause these things to happen. But you CAN.

The blame game and the pointing of fingers has got to stop. Many of you are parents. Just put yourself in our shoes, if only for a moment, and ask yourself, “What CAN I do?”


About us

Save MAVA is a grassroots parents movement organized by the parents of the Massachusetts Virtual School at Greenfield. We are parents from around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts attempting to get a conversation started toward a solution for our children who "choiced" into the MAVA@Greenfield schools.