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Baker's Blog - December 6

Thanks to Tasheina White and all those who helped for the wonderful effort of our 4th and 5th grade chorus! The students showed so much enthusiasm and joy in their performance. The school reprise is set for Friday, December 18 at 8:45.

Congratulations to Crystal Holman on a very successful showing of BES student artwork at the Averitt Center Friday evening! Attendance was great and students, along with their parents, were very excited to see their artwork displayed in such a setting.

Thanks to Belinda Davis, Jenni Brunt and all those who assisted with Book Fair Night last Thursday evening! The night was very successful as many parents attended with their children. Participation and sales have been strong throughout the week as well!

Teachers- please review and discuss with your teams the midyear iReady data as you complete the winter diagnostic assessment. We will be discussing the results in upcoming meetings.

Thanks to teachers for your positive feedback about the DOK training last Friday with Virginia Bennett and Casey McNeely. Enhancing our DOK knowledge is part of our school improvement plan and will help us provide more rigor for our students.

The GLISI team will be attending the Summit session Monday-Wednesday of this week. GLISI is a district initiative directly related to school improvement planning. All Bulloch County elementary schools have sent their principals with teams this year.

Reminders for the Week

  • December 10 - PLC
  • December 11 - Sunshine Celebration
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What If...

our school would create a "feed the children" program.