Logo Changes

Logos since the team started

The Minnesota Vikings Logo changes since they started playing football.

Identity of the Vikings to the fans.

They can be a frustrating team to watch for fans because they never seem to have what it takes to win a playoff game.

Why they are called the Vikings.

They are called the Vikings because they are from Minnesota. Vikings where from the Northern part of the states.

Why there team color is purple.

I think there color is purple because it means royalty and the Vikings ruled during there era.

Why did they change there logo?

I think they changed there logo because it was just time to update with the world evolving and everything updating.

Price for a jeresey

You can buy a Adrian Petersen jersey for $100 dollars online.

The New Orlean saints logo changes since they started.

Identity of the saints to the fans

Why they are called the saints

The team was named for the great jazz song most identified with New Orleans "when the saints go marching in".

Why there colors are black and gold

They have black and gold because it represents there area.

Why did they change there logo?

They changed there logo because it was just time for and update there old one wasn't matching everything as it was changing around in the world.

Price for a Drew Brees jersey

You can buy a Drew Brees jersey for $100 on the online store.

Tampa Bay buccaneers logo changes

Identity of the Buccaneers

The fans love them

Why are they called the Buccaneers?

cause they are known for pirates

Why there colors are

red to show dominance

Why did they change there logo?

was time for a update

price for a jersey

$100 for a jersey