White Bengal Tigers

By: Travis Slater


There are only about 200 whiter tigers left in the entire world.
The origin of white Bengal tigers dates bate to anywhere from 1556 to 1605 and was discovered in India. Since the white Bengal tiger isn't a species of its own it is just a "mutation" from inbreeding it's fate is tied to that of the Bengal tiger, which is also endangered. These tigers are made by several generations of "brother, sister mating or father, daughter" Unfortunately this causes severe birth defects, as well as not so severe. For instance ALL white Bengal tigers are cross eyed even if they don't look like it. This is because the inbred nature of them causes their optical nerves to connect to the wrong side of the brain.


This Species; due to their genetic deficiencies they are a potential threat to the rest of the species, because they could pass on their problems thus decreasing the survival rate of their offspring. Furthermore they are in danger because they are rare so people will try to kill them and take their fur. The only reason that there are currently so many (200) is almost purely from human interactions since in the wild the chances of a white Bengal tiger is only about one in 15,000. Branson's White Tiger Foundation is dedicated to proving people information about endangered species.

White Royal Bengal Tiger