Mrs. Gavey's Classroom Update

May 26, 2017


We've made it! As of yesterday, all MSTEP tests are completed for our class. The kids did an amazing job of enduring it all. Results will be available to you very soon. Our NWEA testing is also finished, except for just a few students. You will receive an NWEA report with the last report card in the mail. On another note, we have a large number of parents going to Greenfield Village. I think you will enjoy this trip with your child and we have plenty of supervision!

Finally, Mrs. Reese's last day in our classroom was today. She will be on an extended medical leave. She let the students know that she will be fine and looks forward to seeing them all next fall.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend. We are in the final phase of third grade. Thanks for your continued support!

Mrs. Gavey



Our final math test on Unit 7 will take place next Friday, June 2. Fractions were challenging, so we are completing several reviews in class. I believe you will see personal growth from the pretest for your child.

A handful of students STILL have not mastered all 22 dashes. Some are trying, others seem to have thrown in the towel. If at all possible, please push your child to continue to work on the dashes. Math facts do not stop after third grade!

In case you are in need, the following is a link to the Math Expressions homework sheets.

Language Arts

We are having a great time writing up our opinions on everything from bedtimes to texting while driving! Students are getting very good at stating their claims and backing the claims up with reasons and evidence. In reading, students continue to log what they read and we have increased our stamina to 35 minutes! Please expect to see your child's writing and reading binders by the end of the year. They are yours to keep! Students really look forward to your feedback.

Social Studies and Science

Please email Mr. Donnellon( for social studies concerns and Mrs. Fritz( for science concerns.

Word Study Update

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