Mechanical Reaper

By: Jenna Ramos

Who is the inventor?

Richard French and T. J. Hawkins invented the first mechanical reaper.Cyrus Hall McCormick rolled out a much sounder version of the reaper. (Thats a picture of Cyrus Hall McCormick).

How does the invention work?

It used horses to pull a mechanized cutter.

What was the purpose of this invention?

It was suppose to make farming eaiser and quicker.

Where did the invention occur?

Rockbridge County, Virginia

When did the invention occur?

The first one was invented in 1803. The second one was invented in 1831.

Why was there need for this invention?

The reaper enabled farmers to harvest more than 10 acres (4 hectares) of grain per day. Before his invention, farmers harvested with cradle scythes and a skilled worker could harvest at most 2 or 3 acres (0.8 to 1.2 hectares) per day.

Why was this invention important to history?

Because the reaper freed laborers from the arduous work of cradle harvesting, it enabled more extensive cultivation of land, which in turn prompted the transformation of soil and water resources into lands suitable for cultivation.