Presenting: Your Presentation

Teach your classmates in an exciting way!

Does everyone have to follow the same format?

No! You can make a video, a study guide, or some worksheets. You can organize an activity, play a game, sing a song or prepare a skit. Be creative and show your strengths!

Do I need to stand in front of the class the whole time?

No! For example, you could make a video ahead of time and then have a question-and-answer period during class, or organize an activity to follow up the video.

What do we need to include?

  • Cover important content from your assigned chapter.
  • Share your presentation digitally with the class.
  • Incorporate technology in your presentation in a meaningful way.
  • Follow the rubrics.
  • Make a high-quality product that will help your classmates.

What benefits will I get out of this?

You will help yourself learn that material better.
You will practice skills of presenting material to a class that help a teacher.
You will explore technology, which is an important skill for future teachers.
You will have fun learning in different and creative ways from your classmates.

What is the most important thing to remember?

Have fun and be educational!

What resources can I use? Check out the videos below, too.

Anything you want, but here are a few suggestions: -- create multimedia presentations (what I used for my class introduction) -- how I made this flyer (requires Chrome) and -- both are free screen recording web tools; recordings can then be posted to YouTube
google docs -- a document sharing site is a site to make and share electronic flash cards that can be accessed from computers, phones or tablets
Explore sites like Khan Academy to find good math tutorial videos.
Explore apps on an iPhone, tablet or android. (A couple I know of are (all free): my talking avatar allows you to create a video of a cartoonish character; Vittle is a digital whiteboard with screen and voice recording and you can upload the recordings to YouTube;
Show Me is another digital whiteboard that you can record your writing and voice as you work, but I think you can not upload to YouTube; iMovie is good, easy way to make movies on Apple products)
Using apps for your presentation
Screencasting and other presentation ideas