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It's Media Tech Bytes Vol. 6: April

Digital Citizenship Posters

Student safety is our priority. Looking for ways to display smart tips about online safety? Try these posters to display to help keep our students safe online!

Bad Netiquette Stinks

This is a short cartoon reminding students to use good manners online. It is the perfect video to start a conversation about using manners with technology. Check it out here!
You can even watch a short cartoon on being safe while Instant Messaging.
Can't get enough? Check out the Net Smart Kidz website for plenty of online safety videos!

What? You don't want to show your class a short video on online safety? Have no fear, we can help! Perhaps your students would like to read some eBooks on online safety!

April is Poetry Month!

Check out the following links brought to you by NCWiseOwl:

And stop by the Media Center to check out a fun book of Poetry!

April 22nd is Earth Day!

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