Imagery & Idioms...


What is Imagery?

Imagery is when you describe something using sensory details or your five senses such as taste, touch, smell, sight, or sound.

Why Might the Author Use this technique

The author would use imagery to give an object, person, or place a deeper description/meaning. Using imagery helps the reader to experience the situation in a more realistic way. Authors use this technique a lot because it makes their writing sound down to earth. This helps readers too because in the story if the author describes something delicious, the reader can taste the food that the author was talking about.

6 examples of imagery...

1.) The dog's tooth was like a freshly sharpened knife.

2.) Her hands were like ice

3.) He hair was like silk

4.) The pillow was felt like a cloud

5.) She was as light as a feather

6.) She glided across the stage like a swan.

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What is an idiom?

An idiom is an expression used (usually) to a specific group of people. Idioms do not make sense if they are taken literally.

Why might the Author use this technique?

Authors use this type of technique because some idioms can be used to over exaggerate things and that adds character to a writing piece. Authors can also use this technique in their writing because the readers can usually relate to the idiom used and it can add humor to a story.

6 Examples of Idioms...

1.) She sings at the top of her lungs

2.) A piece of cake

3.) She spilled the beans!

4.) It was written all over his face.

5.) Cat got your tongue?

6.) When pigs fly

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