Despondency in Hawaiians By Haoles

The End of the Hawaiian Monarchy


If it weren't for Minister John L. Stevens, President Benjamin Harrison, and President Grover Cleveland, the Hawaiian monarchy would not have been overthrown in January 17, 1893, and would still exist today.

The Change in the Hawaiian Government

Hawaii's Kingdom was overthrown due to the actions taken by, Minister John L. Stevens, President Grover Cleveland, and President William McKinley. If they hadn't take the actions they took regarding the Hawaiian Kingdom, Hawaii wouldn't have change, or became a U.S. territory. This is a important topic in History because it's how the U.S. got their last state, or the 50th state.

State of Hawaii Yes/No?

Hawaii is not legally nor, lawfully a state. The Native Hawaiians wrote petitions to the U.S. government because they didn't want to become a state. One president tried to help the Hawaiians but it didn't work out. When the Annexation treaty was proposed, the U.S. senate didn't have enough votes for it to pass but, somehow Hawaii became a U.S. territory.


Aloha 'Oe was a song written by Queen Lili'uokalni. Aloha 'Oe means farewell to thee. So, this song is a farewell song. This song fits in to the overthrow because it was the end of the Hawaiian Monarchy.
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