Call Hotlines for Help, or to Help

There are many hotlines to call and visit in your area!

How to Contact These Hotlines

The most common way to contact a hotline is by the phone, there are many phone numbers that can be used to call or report something. For child abuse call 1-800-922-5330, for abuse caused to an adult call, for Human Trafficking call 1-888-373-7888, and lastly for Alcohol abuse call 1-866-645-8216. These are only a few numbers to call to repot something going on. The numbers will differ from city to city and state to state.

Call a Hotline to Make a Difference in Someone's Live

There are Many Websites Giving Information on Certain Hotlines,,

These are just a few websites that you can go to for help. Most of them will show you a phone number in big bold letters that can help you. They tell you what kind of things you can expect from a call and what to say, also they can help you in what steps to take to start helping your loved one.

Call if you Suspect Child Abuse

This website and phone number is to help you contact someone if you suspect a child is being the victim of abuse.