Nitrous Oxide

What is it?

Nitrous oxide is a sweet smelling gas used an an aesthetic. Its chemical formula is N2O.

If it is potent, nitrous oxide can cause asphyxiation, so it is mixed with oxygen. Any of this gas given to you by a medical professional must be at least 30% oxygen, although most use 50%-70% oxygen.

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Nitrous oxide is most commonly referred to as laughing gas but is also called whippets, no, and hippie crack.

How is it ingested?

Nitrous oxide can only be in gas form, so it must be inhaled.

Medical use

Nitrous oxide is used as an anesthetic, mostly in dentistry. Though not used for major medical purposes is serves as an anesthetic for small, simple procedures such as tooth pulling and cavity filling. It was found not to be strong enough to prevent pain in more invasive and painful surgeries


Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen then inhaled. It causes the user to become relaxed and euphoric.

Short-term effects of the drug include a feeling of relaxation, loss of stimulation, and lack of motor control.

Long-term effects can include falling unconscious, injuries due to lack of coordination, and neuropathy.


While is not physically addictive, nitrous oxide can have a psychological effect that leaves the user craving more.

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