The Orion Constellation

By: Clara Bullock, Danyelle Buck, and Josh Light

The Story of Orion

Hyries had gods as guests and he let them kill his only ox. He didn't know they were gods. They granted him one wish for letting them kill his ox. Hyries had always wanted a little boy. He wished for a son. The gods told Hyries to bury the hide of the bull he had previously killed and to pee on it. After nine months a baby boy was born on that exact spot.

Hyries had named him Orion. Orion grew up, he was a great hunter. He was hired by king Oenopion to kill ferocious beasts that scared habitants on the island Chios. He was so happy by his success that he wanted to kill all the animals on earth.

Gaia the earth goddess was not happy. She sent a huge scorpion after Orion. Orion soon realized his sword and shield were to weak. He was stung to death. As a reward Gaia placed the scorpion in the stars. The scorpion now chases the great Orion who was also imprinted in the stars after being killed by the scorpion.

When is it visible?

The Orion constellation is visible in November to late February. It is NOT visible from March to late October.

General Information

It is on the celestial equator, it is the most recognizable constellation in the night sky, he was named after a hunter in Greek mythology, its brightest stars are Beta and Alpha.