Bullying is Tragic

By: Jaire Hill


Jaire Hill

December 3,2014

Block 1

Bullying is tragic:

Did you know that bullying can sometimes cause children to take their own lives.Cyber bullying is caused when someone is being bullied on the internet. Bullies use the internet to harass or embarrass someone to get attention. Bullying is when someone is constantly bullying you over and over. It sometimes causes children to take their own lives. Bullying causes kids pain. Most bullies like to bully people to impress their friends. Emily was a 19 year old freshman at Columbia university. She was a bully activist that helps people conquer their problems. Eventually she created a WeStopHate program to help stop bullying. She also wants to create a bully button on Facebook so someone would know that you're being bullied. Emily hopes these bully programs help with bullying.

Bullying is terrifying:

As a fact bullying can sometimes cause people to take their own lives from the tragic bullying that's happening to them. Each year 2 out of 3 teens are being harassed each year. Cyber bullying is used on the internet. Bullies use the social network to harass or embarrass someone. Some parents aren't aware that their children are being bullied. As a result bullying is a bigger problem than parents believe. Cyber bullying can happen to some people in their own bedroom. Some police forces are trying to help with bullying. Cyber bullying can have millions of victoms millions of victoms. Bullying can cause people to take their own lives or cause them to move to another school. Their can be lots of victoms in bullying. There are some police forces trying to solve bullying.