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Hello MBS Church & Parents,

This is Lyndon Batiste, Youth Minister at Most Blessed Sacrament Church, and I am contacting you about a field trip to the movies that our Youth group has discussed, and would like to participate in.

Many of you may be aware of the new movie titled "Son of God" that recently came to movie theaters nationwide. It is by the same creators of the wildly popular "Bible Series" that came to television last year. We would like to take a group trip to the movies to watch this modern day film about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. I will include a link below to the trailer for the movie, but it has received great reviews, and I believe is a wonderful opportunity to make the life and ministry of Jesus Christ 'real' to our Youth.

Our hope is to see "Son of God" this Sunday, March 16th, after the 9:00AM Mass, and our plan is to attend the 9:00AM Mass together. The first movie showing, and the one that we plan on attending, is at 12:30pm at Movies ATL Movie Theater, located directly behind the Camp Creek shopping plaza on Camp Creek Pkwy. Tickets for the early matinee movies are $7.25 each.

Also, I would like to ask for any parents/chaperones who would like to attend the movie with us.

"Son of God" Official Movie Trailer

Please contact me to let me know if your Teen is able to attend, and if any parents would like to attend with us. If it turns out that the majority of our Group is able to attend then we will go thru with our plans. I look forward to hearing from you.


Lyndon Batiste


Phone: (404) 271-0740

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