Release Notes for Version 9.9


On Wednesday, March 6th, Fidelis introduced a major new version of ProcessorLink, version 9.9, with significant, time saving features new to the application and numerous refinements to existing functionality. Among the major, new features, Fidelis notably:

  • expanded the configuration options and feature set in the Processor Customer Maintenance so that the manufacturer has maximum flexibility on how a customer's available pounds are segmented and drawn down among different sales channels
  • relaxed the requirement that direct shipment sales transactions could only be drawn down against a direct shipment bank.
  • introduced a consolidation feature that enabled a manufacturer to consolidate two or more banks for the same customer and commodity into a single bank
  • authored a Help feature for the Processor Customer Maintenance module
  • unveiled a new, more modern ProcessorLink Login screen that highlights the successes your company has had in providing nutritious meals through the USDA National School Lunch program.

The refinements were no less significant:

  • introduced a Product search feature that enabled the user to type the Product Nbr, name or Product Nbr Display into the Product search element on most search screens thereby eliminating the excessive scrolling through long lists of product names concatenated with product nbrs
  • added the Commodity search element to the Transfer module, a welcome feature among manufacturers processing more than one USDA Material
  • and many others...

ProcessorLink Donated Food Bank Options

ProcessorLink provides its manufacturer great flexibility in how they manage their customers’ donated food diversions. A manufacturer can meet the unique demands of school food service directors by segmenting a customer’s donated food bank in a variety of different ways including the creation of:

  • two or more distributor assigned banks
  • a manufacturer bank and a distributor bank
  • a single distributor assigned bank that enables drawdown from both distributor and direct loaded sales transactions
  • a single manufacturer assigned bank

Prior to the 2012 - 2013 school year, manufacturers could draw down direct sales against a distributor assigned bank in ProcessorLink. When Fidelis introduced the multiple bank concept for the 2012 - 2013 school year, ProcessorLink required that direct sales transactions could only be drawn down against a Direct Shipment bank. Version 9.9 now relaxes that requirement.

  • If there is only one bank for a given customer and commodity that is assigned to a distributor, ProcessorLink will permit direct sales transactions to be drawn down against it.
  • If there are more than one bank for a given customer and commodity, ProcessorLink will only permit direct sales transactions to be drawn down against a Direct Shipment bank.

Processor Customer Maintenance

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The Detail screen of the Processor Customer Maintenance module now displays the Transferred and Balance fields and combines both Allocations and Pending Allocations in the Allocation column so the manufacturer user has complete view of the school district's Available pounds as well as the current Balance.

The commodity nbr is no longer present on the Detail screen; however, Fidelis added a hover over on the Material Nbr to display the commodity name and old FNS commodity nbr if available.

Fidelis removed the separate columns for each action a user can take on a donated food bank and replaced it with an Action button. The button is context sensitive so it only displays those actions that a user can take on the bank for which the Action button was selected. The Actions have greatly expanded to include:

  • Consolidate
  • Archive
  • Delete
  • Add
  • View Home (page of the school district)

There is now a link on the School District name value. Click the link to invoke the Contact popup modal screen which displays all of that school district's user's contact information.

Processor Customer Maintenance Help

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Through the last several releases of ProcessorLink, Fidelis has committed time to add and enhance the Page Hints that are located at the top of many pages in the application. For those modules that encapsulate numerous business rules, options and increased complexity, Fidelis has developed in-depth documentation describing the feature set and providing examples.

With the widespread changes introduced in the Processor Customer Maintenance module in the 9.9 release, Fidelis documented the feature set in the Help system for that page. Simply click on the Help link in the upper right of the application to educate yourself on this modules capabilities.

New Product Number Search

Prior to the 9.9 release, ProcessorLink Product Nbr search element was essentially a dropdown of all products configured in the nation, a state or market group. Given that some manufacturers have over one hundred products, the list of products was lengthy and consequently time-consuming to use.

In this release, ProcessorLink has a new Product Nbr search element that is optimized for better workflow. The user can type the Product Name, Product Nbr (full Product Nbr) or the Product Nbr Display (typically an abbreviated value) into the text box. As you type, ProcessorLink returns the list of matching Products in the dropdown from which to select.

Other changes...

  • Distributors can now view direct sales transactions loaded against a bank in which it is assigned but only if the distributor was assigned at the time of the loading of the direct sales transaction into the application.
  • Created a link from the Processor Customer Maintenance module to the school district's Home Page view. The link is visible upon clicking the Action button in the far right column on the Detail page of the Processor Customer Maintenance module.
  • Changed the font color from black to red for any negative values on both the Donated Food Account Report and the school district's Accounts page. Also prevented text "wrapping" which is unique circumstances put the negative sign above the numeric value.
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements.

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