Devin Scudder

Vienna, Austria

Getting There

The Long Expensive Ride There

It was a long hard journey to Vienna, Austria. It was expensive too. $3043 to be exact! Most expensive trip of my life! Also my first trip out of the United States. Me and Jordan met some cool locals to.

Making Friends

Some of the awesome people we met are Florian, Johann, and Romy. Florian and Johann are guys and Romy is a girl. Romy was born in Austria and so was Johann. Florian was born in France and moved to Austria when he was 2.

Where to Stay

I'm staying in Vienna, Austria in a hotel called The InterContental Vienna. Its $458.00 dollars a night! Jordan and I have two different rooms coming in at a total of $2290 for all five nights. Me and Jordan are ready for a great time in Austria!


Inflatable Water Balls

Austria has the best snow and largest glacier skiing in Europe. I'm going to suprise Jordan with a giant ball filled with water! You rol down a really steap hill and someone catches you at the end.


My biggest problem of visiting Austria is almost running out of money! 10000$ wasnt enough at all. Good thing I saved all of my babysitting money from when i was 11. Me and Jordan both added $5000 from our savings that we saved up. So now Jordan and I have a total of $20000 to spend in our trip to austria.


One great thing I learnd about Austria ia that there are some great people(Romy, Johann, Florian) and some great activitys there Austria. My favorite activity in Austrian was definitaly Rolling down the hill in the inflatable ball.

About the Traveler

Me (Devin Scudder): I had a great time in austria I'M really happy I got the chance to go and also happy that I got the extra $10000.

Jordan: Jordqan said he was really thrilled I brought him on the trip.

History and Culture

Austria speaks German as a first language