Choices Made By Mom and Dad

Tracking Smore

Text evidence

Choice 1- Coach Warner said, "You can't play. You can't play soccer for Lake Windsor Middle School." page 61

Choice 2- Paul said, "I remember seeing Vincent Castor. He was holing a can of white spray paint. Then I felt Erik grab me from behind, easily pinning both my arms with just one of his. And I remember Erik's fingers prying my eyelids open while Vincent sprayed white spray paint into them." page 225

Choice 3- Paul said, "Mom, you ruined my life at Lake Windsor Middle School when you turned in that IEP. This is your chance to un-ruin it!

Choice 4- Wayne says, " They have to learn to live with it." whenever Paul and his mom were asking questions of how people are really concerned. page 16

Choice 5- Paul says in his mind, "Way to go Mike" when they started talking about