Fraction Fun Day!!!

By: MaKenzi, Nataly, Ari

Station 1 (MaKenzi)

  • each kid gets a plate
  • we will "cut" it into a fraction with a sharpie
  • the kid will then create a pizza based on the fractions i tell them to use
  • best pizza gets a prize

Station 2 (Nataly)

  • each kid gets a sticky note and has to match the fraction written in standard form to the pictorial representation of it that is on the ground before the music cuts off.
  • kids who don't complete the task are eliminated.
  • kids who win get prizes

Station 3 (Ari)

  • the starting student will receive a card with directions on what they have to draw they will then represent the fraction any pictorial way they would like that applies to the topi on the card.
  • first to get the fraction correct wins and goes next
  • winner gets a prize