Eagle Eye E-News December 7-11

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.

What's Coming Up This Week?

  • 12 Days of Exercise (Soul) Get a heart from the mailbox room and write a note to someone and make their day!
  • 10:30 Kindergarten Related Arts Enrichment
  • 12:00 Rhonda off campus at meeting
  • 3:00 Rhonda in SAFE-T Meeting (Garces)

    • Santa Shop
    • 12:40 Kindergarten Assistants Meet with Marco
    • 3:00 Leadership Team Meets
    • 6:00 SIC/PTO Combined Meeting with Dr. Pew to discuss School of Choice for 2016-2017


    • Santa Shop
    • Grade Level PLC Meetings with Mr. Hollingsworth and Discovery Education
    • 1:30 3rd Grade Bullying Assembly
    • 3:00 Rhonda in NTI Meeting (Templeton)

              • Santa Shop
              • Williams & Fudge mentoring permission slips go home with students in communication folders
              • 8:00 AM Brief PTO Meeting
              • 3:00 Immersion Meeting
              • 6:30 Painting with Jimmie at The Beard's House! :)


              • Santa Shop
              • Tailgate Friday
              • 2nd and 5th Grade Music Class to Nursing Home (Mr. Shevy has sent information to teachers)

              FYI: 12/11-12/18 3rd grade will have related arts at 7:55 AM. 2nd grade will have related arts at 9:35 AM to allow students to carol at local nursing homes. Mr. Shevy sent emails with specifics at an earlier date.

              The F and P Excel document update date has been changed to January 8 (It was 12/18) to allow you all more time to input grades before leaving for Winter Break!

              Related Arts Enrichment

              This week Kindergarten has Related Art Enrichment (1 hr. planning). This might be a great time to work on your "by yourself" essential learning document. Classes that go to media and guidance will meet in the media center for a combined lesson. Classes that are assigned to Chinese will will stay in their classroom and the Chinese teacher will come to you. PE Classes should line up outside the PE room.

              Class Assignments This Week:
              Chinese: Ms. Richardson
              PE: Ms. Clarke
              Computer Lab: Sra. Kiker
              Media and Guidance will meet in the Media Center to discuss internet safety and other shared topics: Ms. S. Bailey and Ms. Doyle (This will be Ms. Doyle's classes 2nd time through this rotation)

              Morning Meeting Focus This Week

              This week we will focus on arrival expectations. Please remember, if we see children who are not adhering to the expectations we have set forth then it is a responsibility of us all to make sure we hold children to our school wide expectations, this includes front office staff, custodians, cafeteria staff, teachers, assistants, interns, etc.

              Here are the expectations established through the leadership team for arrival behaviors:

              • Students are to come down the hallway quietly.

              • Students should go straight to the cafeteria if they are eating breakfast.

              • Students are to sit in assigned areas for their class.

              • Students should sit with their back against the wall, and with their legs and other personal items out of the middle of the hallway.

              • Students should read quietly.

              • If students need to use the restroom, they should ask an adult on duty.

              • Students should wait to be dismissed/enter classrooms by the teacher on duty at 7:30 AM.

              Please remember in our school ALL students are "ours!" Any adult should remind students of expectations established for common areas in our building regardless of whether students are with another adult. It takes a village!

              Just A Reminder: Re: State Supply Cards (Received in August)

              Teachers will be required to submit their fund expenditure reports for their qualified purchases to the school bookkeeper no later than December 18, 2015. This is a DATE CHANGE The report can be found by clicking here. This is being required in order to comply with Internal Revenue Service guidelines. Reminder, these cards expire 12/31...I know, I know...we are asking for the report before the card expires... :)

              Williams and Fudge Mentoring Program

              Permission slips for students to participate in the mentoring program will go home this week. Please return these to Ms. Brown as soon as you receive them. I will send a second wave before leaving for Winter Break. All first wave permission forms are due back by December 15.

              Calling All Elves!

              Please let families know that Breakfast with Santa was cancelled by PTO. Thank you to EVERYONE that volunteered their time for this event.

              Your Opinion Matters

              Please complete this survey for the Discipline Committee regarding ideas for managing cafeteria behaviors.


              PLC Book Study

              If you have not completed the Fall section of our PLC Book Study in Canvas please do so! I will open up the Winter section before leaving for Christmas Break!

              SLO/GBE Conferences

              Be sure you sign up for a SLO/GBE conference (for March) in Canvas if this applies to you.

              Bullying Survey Responses

              Click here for your responses to the bullying survey sent out a few weeks ago. We will be asked to take the course in SafeSchools on bullying on January 4 as part of our professional development.

              Sunshine Committee

              * Christmas

              o Nana – Sunshine Committee cannot cover the cost of Christmas for volunteers per the Sunshine Committee policy. However, if you feel inclined to give money for a small gift for Nana, please give it to a SC member and the SC will go and buy a gift card for her

              o Custodians (AM & PM) and crossing guards – gift from Sunshine Club

              * Random Tailgate Info

              o Make sure to give reminders (one or two) the week of

              o From here on we will specify on snack tailgate vs. lunch tailgate

              * Christmas Tailgate

              o December 11 will be a lunch tailgate

              o 2 turkey’s and 1 ham (immersion and Templeton)

              o Teachers – side dishes

              o Sign up sheet in office

              o Request to use cafeteria again – approved

              * January Tailgate

              o Lunch tailgate

              o Soups

              * February Tailgate

              o Sweets and snacks tailgate

              Discipline Committee

              Discipline Committee Meeting- 12/1/15
              -How we work
              -Christi to ask other schools how they monitor cafeteria behavior
              -Lori to send survey to Kelsey to get response for cafeteria ideas
              -possibly turning tables long ways to cut back on noise level
              -Dinner and a movie!!! On Friday if behavior is good during the week, they will get t watch a movie on the screen
              -Tasha to get in touch with Frank Polarmo for ideas on behavior
              -Melanie to email principal at Sunset Park to see what is done for noise control
              -Monday at 3 meet in the cafeteria to get tables moved

              Student Leadership

              Celebrations Mrs. Riley reports that e have lots of new Beta Club members. She was thankful for all the help from Mrs. Rutledge.


              -Student Council (Hannah Lunny)

              Canned food drive was very successful! Student Council members and GOTR sorted and checked for expiration dates. Student Council members have ideas for improving cafeteria music and basketball goals. Mrs. Lunny will meet with students to approve music recommendations.

              Junior Beta Club (Mandy Riley)

              Mrs. Riley and Mrs. Rutledge sent emails and invitations to new Beta Club. Soon she plans to order supplies and line up the induction ceremony. Once dues are collected, Induction Ceremony items can be purchased. Many of the items can be used from year to year. Mrs. Riley has ideas for Beta Club members to have fundraisers and hopefully get t-shirts for all members. Mrs. Rutledge and Mrs. Riley are sending home a SMORE flyer after each meeting. At this time we hope to have two meetings per month. We currently have 53 members.

              Student Ambassadors Lisa Rutledge read requirements for Student Ambassador that she will send out to all teachers. She will send teachers the requirements today.

              Chinese Celebration: Mrs. Chen would like plan something at the end of the third semester to showcase some things learned in Chinese. She would like to possibly have a play, sing songs, or participate in activities for parents and teachers to attend. She would like to select students to participate for certain classes. The Committee discussed possible times for students to participate and come visit. We will look for a date and Mrs. Chen will discuss the details with Mrs. Kelsey.

              New Business:

              S. Bailey mentioned the possibility of “kids in training” mentoring program for younger students (grades K-2) to learn how to become Student Ambassadors, Beta Club, Student Council, etc. Towards the end of the year, these students could “shadow” others, to learn the requirements for character programs.

              Beautification Committee

              New Business:

              * Buckets on the stage got organized and now full again. Children should be responsible for keeping jackets and parents should write their names on the jackets.

              * We have not heard results of recycling bowl.

              * Money had nothing to do with recycling bowl. We are paid a certain amount for weight of recycled materials.

              * Recycling gifts were delivered.

              * Litter on the playground. Should be responsibility of all grade levels. Candy wrappers, ice cream wrappers and miscellaneous trash should be picked up by all grades. Fifth Grade will send on students on Monday and Tuesday mornings to clean up outside and Mrs. Collins will supervise. Will also appeal to 3rd, 4th and 5th to clean up outside.

              * Looking into buying two big plants or poinsettias to decorate the school. Will check Wilson’s and Home Depot.

              * Find out if PTO is doing new murals.

              * Mrs. Collins needs designated bulletin boards in K-2 for marathon and 3rd, 4th and 5th grade halls for tournaments and can’t be taken down.

              Orange Slips

              Please make sure you are only sending students to the office for disciplinary issues accompanied by an orange referral form. Also, no one should be putting students at the round table in the front office except office staff.