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Alex Rodriguez

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All about Alex Rodriguez

A-rod or a-Roid ! 5 facts about his life.

  1. Alex Rodriguez was born on July 27, 1975 in New York , New York .
  2. His parents were from Dominican so he has a Hispanic background.
  3. He had the richest contract in baseball history ($275 million).
  4. He played for 3 major teams ( Seattle, Texas and currently New York).
  5. He was signed a baseball scholarship to the University of Miami but turned it down. :) !!! An extra one for good luck!!! (:
  6. He was the youngest baseball player to ever hit 500 home runs.

Dun dun dunnnn! Steroid talk!!!

A-rod tested positive for 2 anabolic steroids- testosterone and primobolan.

  1. Primobolan
Some side effects of primobolan are:
  • Hair loss
  • Oily skin
  • Bad cholesterol
  • Potential liver failure
  • Increased levels of testosterone in women
Some of the benefits of primobolan are:
  • It is one of the safer drugs to use
  • No troubles with blood pressure value
  • Increased levels of testosterone
  • Gives natural testosterone to help mask high levels of unnatural testosterone

2. Testosterone

Some side effects or testosterone are:

  • Blurred vision
  • Severe headache
  • Inability to speak
  • Seizures
  • Temporary blindness
Some benefits of testosterone are:
  • Increased levels of testosterone
  • Makes muscle gain easier
  • Increases strength

The Goldman dilemma question


The Gold Man Dilemma by user505166806

Punishment served!!!!!!!

Punishments and losses!

  • After Alex Rodriguez's scandalous steroid story slipped into the media's hands it quickly spread and he was soon later suspended for a total of 211 league games!
  • His suspension would be the longest non- lifetime suspension in baseball history for what he did.
  • Although they pretty we'll knew he was taking steroids Alex was still allowed to play as the investigation unrolled and the suspension was under appeal.
  • After he demanded they take it to court then getting his game suspension to be at least reduced
  • After the reduction he had to serve a total of 162 games out which would keep him off the field for the entire season of 2014
  • It's costing him his seasons salary of $25 million

Along with the punishment of his long suspension he also lost a lot of fans and not only that but the trust of fans. When you think about it what he did was cheating and not playing fair he sure wouldn't be my favourite person. Even aside from cheating he also lied at the beginning claiming he's never used performance enhancing drugs in his life. So there everyone is thinking it was a false accusation on the media's behalf and then come to find out Rodriguez was the liar for the start!!!

Biogenesis scandal!

Biogenesis anti-aging clinic

Biogenesis is an anti-aging clinic that does remedies and Botox and drugs for anti-aging and stuff. Biogenesis illegally gave Rodriguez P.E.Ds ( primobolan and testosterone ) that would later ruin his career. The 2 anabolic drugs were accessible to the anti-aging clinic so when A-rod asked for a fix they had it. They communicated through email and text but knowing the risk s of getting caught they had code names for the drugs. The company also claiming they only sold him anti-inflammatory medication.

  • "Pink food", "Gummies", and "Liquid soap" were some of the code names they used for testosterone.


Why do it?

" I felt abnormal amounts of stress and pressure to play" said Alex Rodriguez while at an interview with ESPN in February 2009 when he finally admitted to using performance enhancing drugs only after previously denying his use of P.E.Ds in past interviews including an interview with Katie Couric. He said he used them from 2001 to 2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers. With buy the testosterone from Biogenesis he then bought "boli" an over-the-counter drug in the Dominican Republic (his home country ) with his cousin. In the Dominican "boli" was the slang word for the steroid primobolan as they say in English

Types of performance enhancing drugs

Short clip on the confession of Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez admits to using steroids

Graph time!!!!!!!

About my graph

My graph shows the results of a survey taken by MLB ( Major League Baseball) players who believed steroids played a role in record breaking performances. The people who have taken the survey don't have to be people that broke records either, keep in mind that they would know how hard that would be to break any specific record and they would also know if it would even be possible for the specific record breaking player do do that with some sort of enhancement. 21% of players that took the survey said they didn't think steroids had anything to do with record breaking performances, where as 79% of players ( over half) said they did think steroids played some kind of role in record breaking performances.

History class!!!

History of Performance drugs Q&A's

  1. When did doping first happen and who was the first athlete to get caught?
This first on record happened in 1807 when Abraham Wood confessed to using laudanum/opium to veep him awake for the 24 more hours he needed to finish the endurance walking race in Britan.
2. What are some punishment athletes can face?

Some punishments/consequences are:

  • Removal from games
  • Loss of any medals
  • Lifetime suspension
  • Non-lifetime suspension
  • Jail time
  • Public humiliation
3. Types of drug testing?

Some types of drug testings are:

  • Urine samples
  • Testosterone tests ( where they see if you have unusual levels of testosterone
  • DNA tests
  • Blood tests

4. Testing at popular events?

When you go to popular events like the Olympics or big competitions the will frequently and randomly ask and test you for P.E.D.s or any other illegal substances at most competitions like the Olympics any sort of drug is forbidden even medicines like certain cough syrups can trigger the drug test and then you could get kicked out.

5. Costs?

Well you would have all the cost of rehab and correction centre costs, any fines you may have against you for using the drugs and the cost of the drug itself.when we talk about those thing they are all the money costs but when you go to emotional and physical there is a whole lot more. Like coming off of any drug it takes a toll onyou emotionally with the stress, depression and exhaustion. When you become drug dependant your body then needs that drug to function normally so coming off takes a toll on you physically cause it drains you out and really have to re-learn to function without the drug. For Alex Rodriguez it cost him his wife because after the scandal came out she filed a divorce, so you really can lose a lot of things just by take a P.E.D or any other drug.


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