California Berkeley


About Berkeley

Berkeley has 48 of the class ranked in the top 10 of the country. This school is ranked number 2 in the country in computer engineering witch is the job that I am applying for when I get out of college. Back to Berkeley they are a competitive school and only take the top 53% for what my job is so I need to step up my grades.

The Reason I chose Cal

The reason I chose Cal over M.I.T is that the tuition is nearly $20,000 less and they are ranked 0.1 points less then M.I.T so I thought sins my family has 3 kids I would go to the cheaper school. I guest want to have a good job and I thought Berkeley could do.

Why Berkeley's the Best

Berkeley is the best school in California because of their ranks of there academics. The reason I have Berkeley over Stanford is that every one looks at Stanford saying they are better because there more popular but I see Berkeley better because they are a school of hard pickings and don't aloe one who applies.