For the Science Teacher


1.) The EasyTestMaker is a great tool for teachers. Formatting tests can be difficult, with this website tests can be made with ease. Plus online tests are grades AUTOMATICALLY! Think of all the time you will save!

2.) Prezi is an awesome tool for teachers. Forget those plain slide shows and start presenting with 3-D presentations!

3.) Have your students create fun cartoon movies with Domo Animate. This tool gives students the opportunity to be creative while learning 21st century skills.

Smore and Smore Resources

4.) Vuvox is a great tool for creating presentations. Access your presentation from any device after logging in. This site makes inserting media a breeze.

5.) Tux Paint is online drawing software. No matter what age you teach this is a fun website for students. No more marker and paper when students are completing those science projects.

6.)Free Play Music allows students to use various tracks to create their own songs. Creating songs can be a great way for students to remember various science topics.

7.) Have your students teach each other by creating their own science books! Do this with Student Publishing!

8.) Adductomatic is a tool that your students can use to research science topics. This is a safe and reliable search tool!

9.) Ever find a youtube video but didn't want to show the whole thing? Well with tube chop you can cut what you want from various videos and only show what you want!

10.) Students today need to be environmentally literate. The Environmental Protection Agency has a great website to give science teachers good ideas for lessons. This not only educates students it gives them real life application of the topics they are learning.

Videos for the Science Classroom

TCA (Kreb's) Cycle Rap - Wilson Lam (Macklemore - Thrift Shop Parody)
Photosynthesis Rap

Podcasts to Use in the Science Classroom