Naee's Bermuda Kiteee :)

By : Santanea Palmer

Butterfly Kite

I am making a bermuda kite because me and my group thought it would be creative to our viewers. My peers and I are using these materials , Tissue paper , Bamboo sticks , Glue , Tape , Markers , Paint , Scissors , White paper , Glitter , and String . The people that my group contain is Kemia and Makiyah. The first thing we are going to do is take the bamboo sticks and glue them in a bermuda shape then we are going to take the tissue paper and glue the bamboo sticks  onto the back of the tissue paper. Then , we are going to fold the edges so that it can keep the tissue paper in hold of the bamboo sticks. Third we take a piece of paper and make a bridle on the back . We then tape it on the middle stick so it could stay. Next , We poked to holes in the front and one hole in the back so that we could put the string through . Lastly , we decorated it our best .

The Blue Print

In the year 169 BC, the Chinese General Han Hsin used a kite to measure the distance between his camp and the wall of an enemy city. His soldiers then dug a tunnel the same distance in order to crawl under the wall and attack from inside. The city was conquered by a kite! How can you measure a minimum distance with a kite?

Think about it

How did creating a model kite help you create your kite in science ? It helped me create my kite in science class because i knew exactly how i was going to decorate it and make it .