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18-22 January 2016

On the Standards Front . . .

The Leadership for Continuous Improvement (LCI) Team is attending Steve Ventura's conference series How to Function as a High Performing Leadership Team. As part of the conference, Ventura provided access to his resources on the website Advanced Collaborative Solutions. One of the resources is a PDF for Single-Point Rubrics, the same that I showcased last week as a One-Point Rubric.

Ventura's PDF simplifies the purpose and process for a Single-Point Rubric. The change in the name from "One-Point" to "Single-Point" is an important distinction, as the "point" referenced in the title is not representative of a number. The rubric is not "worth" 1 point. Rather, the single or one point refers to the fact that you are working with one expected level of learning or performance in each criterion rather than fleshing each criterion out to a gradient of four different learning levels.

The Single-Point Rubric is not intended to match up to any amount of points, rather the criteria on the rubric is intended to match up to the learning targets for the standard(s) on a proficiency scale you are assessing. By marking feedback in the appropriate column, it is easier for you, as the teacher, and the student to see where the learning is on a proficiency scale. The feedback you provide for the student for being above or below proficiency is the most valuable "points" a student may earn.

Depending on where you are in your transition to Standards-Based Grading, the Single-Point Rubric may not be the best choice for you, yet; however, with Steve Ventura as a complementary source to last week's Cult of Pedagogy, I strongly encourage you to practice writing a Single-Point Rubric.

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Quotation of the Week . . .

When you feel you're the most inadequate, you're making the most growth ~ MH #spp #educoach #iaedchat

The CPU Instructional Coaches team tweeted Madeline Hunter's quotation just before break. It just so happens that this quotation is also a favorite of former CPU superintendent, Dick Whitehead. As the IC Team was approaching the mid-point of our service, we had so many questions and uncertainty about our impact on teacher practice and student achievement, and we were feeling quite inadequate as a group and as individuals. But after considering Hunter's words, we reflected and realized that all educators feel this way at some point, if not often, in their practice.

I have come to wear this quotation on my sleeve, as much of the newness of the position of Instructional Coach is still very much new; however, I know I have grown. Each time I receive a compliment or the assurance from you, I am humbled because you are the ones doing the most difficult work with the students. I appreciate being able to do the research and be behind the scenes in moving your practice forward. Yet, I still feel inadequate as I do not always see the practice in play.

It is my hope that you will adopt this quotation, as well, but allow yourself some leeway and be willing to forgive yourself when things do not go as planned -- growth is still happening even when the results are inadequate or even a failure. When you make the choice to make a change to better your practice, and that choice may lead to feeling inadequate, you're still growing as an educator and as a person. #makethechoice #spp

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Monday, 18 January -- NO SCHOOL

  • Professional Learning 8:30 Library -- HS STAFF

Tuesday, 19 January

  • SBL Meeting 9-11 AM @ MS Conference Rm-- Popenhagen, Libolt, McNeill, Winterhof, Burkhart
  • Serve Teachers & Students
  • Classroom Observations
  • Research & Resources

Wednesday, 20 January -- LATE START & LAST DAY OF 2nd QTR/1st SEMESTER

  • Data Team Meeting 7:30 @ High School Library
  • Serve Teachers & Students
  • Classroom Observations
  • Research & Resources

Thursday, 21 January

  • IC Team Training -- ALL DAY

Friday, 22 January

  • IC Team Training -- ALL DAY
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