Trip to Durango Colorado

You will make 10 stops on the way there

Stop 1

The first stop will be in Clovis which is 100/530miles from Lubbock in Clovis you can go to Wild Water Adventure Park. You can also go to MB2 Raceway and Race with Gokarts

stop 2

Stop 2 is in Fort Sumner and is 22/530miles from Clovis. You can go to Billy the Kid Museum.

you can go to the Old Fort Sumner Museum.

Stop 3

Stop 2 is Santa Rosa which is 44/530miles away from fort sumner. You can go to the Route 66 Auto Museum. You can also go to the Santa Rosa State Park near a lake.


Stop 4 will be in Clines Corners. It is 56/530miles away from Santa Rosa. You can go to the Clines Corners Gift Shop.

Stop 5

Stop 5 will be in Albuquerque. That is 58/530miles away from clines corners. In Albuquerque you can go to the Sandia Tramway or go to the ABQ Zoo.

Stop 6

Stop 6 is in Cuba New Mexico. It is 82/530 miles away from Albuquerque. In Cuba you can check out the Guadalupe ruins or check out the San Pedro Park of Wilderness.

Stop 7

Stop 7 will be in Consulor. It is 32/530miles away form Cuba. In Counselor you can eat at Big Joes Sports Bar And Grill.

Stop 8

Stop 8 is in Nageezi. Nageezi isn't 18/530 miles away from counselor. In Nageezi you can go to the Black Place. You can also go to the Chevrolet Ketl.

Stop 9

Stop 9 will be at Aztec. Aztec is 44/530miles away from Nageezi. In Aztec you can go to the Aztec Ruins National Monument or go to the Wonderful Sand Arches.

Stop 10

You have finally reached Durango in Durango you can go to the Durango and Silverton Gauge Railroad Museum or go to the Saun Juan National Forest.