Command Economy Is Great!!!!

Work hard for us for no reason!!!

Communism Done RIght


Why is it so great?

You get to work for us as a doctor and still make the same amount of money as the janitor. ISNT IT GREAT!!!! No one can call you poor because.... WERE ALL POOR!! Your have a crappy house and if you talk of a rebellion, we will kill you before you have a thought after that!!

Some Of Our Glorious Leaders

How it works

Well here is a brief explanation of this wonderful economy. You get a house the same size as everyone else. Make the same pay as janitors and you can be a engineer. You have no say in the government and theres nothing to buy.
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Some of the criticisms of this glorious economy is that the people are all poor. While that may be true there all equally poor. People also say there not way to up in the country and be something. Thats not true you can be whatever you want your just not getting payed for it.
The Communist Smurfs


Overall communism is the best way to run a government. It distributes everything equally no one is poor alone, and the government is in complete control. What you think is complete worthless and means nothing to there government. You can only watch on tv what the people want you to see.