Dominican Republic

Come take a splash to the Republic!

What do you know about the Dominican Republic?

Do you like to celebrate Christmas or Easter?

Do you want to learn how to scuba dive or fish?

Do you know how our government works?

Well come on down to the BEAUTIFUL islands of Dominican Republic!

Its right up your come and visit Now!

Here's some fact you may not know!

Well the weather here is always hot and humid.It sometimes gets about 1/3 of rain each week...maybe...

Our government allows you to vote for our president. Right now our president is Danilo Medina Sanchez. We are a limited country.

He has been president since August 16th 2012.

Come and enjoy our amazing:

Arroz con Leche (rice pudding)

Mondongo ( beef tripe soup) and

Casabe (bread made out of yuca).

For a economy we have unemployment, household income, property line and labor force.

We love Christmas and easter

We want you to learn how to scuba dive and fish!

We know how our government works!