Boy at War summary

By Jaymn McCarville


The boy at war is a novel based on the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. A boy named Adam moves to Hawaii because of his dad. His dad is in the navy. Adam becomes friends with a Japanese boy who is kind of mean to Adam. One of Adam's other friends invites him to go fishing . Adam must say yes. While they are fishing Adam's Japanese friends come to fish as well. And the next thing any of them know is bombs, planes, explosions, bullets, and pain.


What I think the theme is

I think the theme is, hope can help you throughout hard times, because throughout the book Adam goes through a lot but he still has hope that his father will show and his friend is still his friend. For example, Adam's dad does not want him to be friends with the Japanese boy but he is still friends with him because he is Adam's first friend here. Adam hopes he can find a way to get his dad to trust his Japanese friend.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is a navy base in Hawaii. 7:50am on December 7th, 9141 the Japanese Air Force and navy bombed pearl habor. 2,402 men killed and more then 1.000 injured. All 8 of the US's battleships were destroyed. On December 8th, the day after the attack, president Rosivelt declared war on Japan and that same day Japan's allies, Germany and Italy, declared war on the US.


I think the author did a good job on really using details in the attack part in the book. He really explained what was happening during and right after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He really described how the Japanese plane swooped down while dropping bombs and firing their guns. Also how each US battle ship was blown into pieces. One thing I did not really liked was the ending. He kind-of just stops in the middle of no where.