WHPS Voicemail & Call Forwarding

WHPS Tech Tip

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Access Voicemail Remotely

  • Dial 860-561-7401
  • Press STAR (*) when you hear the greeting
  • Enter your ID (your extension) followed by #
  • Enter your pin followed by #

*If you make a mistake on your pin, listen to the prompts. It will ask you to re-enter your ID (extension) first, before attempting the pin again. If you fail more than 3 times the system will lock you out. Don't worry, wait 30 minutes before trying again.

You can then follow the prompts to listen to new messages or Press 4 for setup options and change your greeting. Follow the prompts to re-record your standard greeting or setup an alternate greeting.

Call Forward Your Desk Phone to Cell/Home Phone

From your Cisco desk phone, press the softkey that says either CFwdALL or Forward All, and enter your full 10 digit cell phone or home telephone number, including the 9. For example, 98605617500.

Your phone display will then say "Forwarded to ...."

To cancel the call forward, simply press the CFwdALL or Forward All softkey once.

If you are not able to get into the building to call forward your phone, please submit a Helpdesk ticket and be sure to include your extension and the forwarding telephone number.