La Dolce Vita

2016 Resort Capsule

- La Dolce Vita "Fontana di trevi"

La Dolce Vita- An Italian Masterpiece

"It was a moment that marked a turning point in postwar Europe: Anita Ekberg wading through the Fontana di Trevi in Federico Fellini's film La Dolce Vita, as improbably voluptuous as the fountain itself. La Dolce Vita was shot in 1960, and while Ekberg's low-cut, dark evening dress may look back to the formal 50s, her insouciant transgression points unmistakably ahead, into the subversive 60s.

What few cinema-goers realised was that the scene in the film was a reconstruction of a real event. Two years earlier, Ekberg had spent the evening with a set photographer, Pierluigi Praturlon, at the Rancho Grande nightclub in Rome. To ease her aching feet on the way home, she climbed into the fountain. Praturlon, who never went anywhere without his Leica, lit up the scene with the headlights of his car and caught the moment in a photograph that Fellini later saw in a magazine, Tempo Illustrato."

La Dolce Vita - An American Design Masterpiece

Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 10pm

This is an online event.

I am excited to announce that we launch the new La Dolce Vita capsule tonight at 10pm! ! A am so excited about this capsule. From what I have seen it's gorgeous and I can't wait to get a couple of pieces!!!

The Italians Know How to Have Fun!

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