The Sahara Desert vs. The Amazon

By: Zane Brewster

My Biomes

My low biodiversity biome is the Sahara Desert which is located in North Africa and is 3000 miles across and 1200 miles from North to South. My high biodiversity biome is the Amazon Rainforest which is located in the Northern part of South America and spreads to the central-most part of South America.

Biome Comparrison

The Sahara Desert receives in the middle of the desert less than one inch of rain per year, but in the other parts receive 4 inches of rain. While the Amazon Rainforest receives a average of 120 inches of rainfall per year.

The Sahara Desert average annual temperature is about 65F* (18.3C*) and the Amazon rainforest average temperature is about 80F* (26.6C*)

There are not very many animals living in the Sahara Desert only about 90 resident bird species, 70 mammal species, and 100 species of reptile also the plants in the Sahara Desert are always looking for water, they can suck down 30 gallons in just a few minutes! The Amazon Rainforest is very different though it holds 1,000,000,000 different species of fish, insects, mammals, birds, spiders, animals and amphibians it's also responsible for 1/10 of the whole worlds population.

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