Renaissance Day 2015

Wednesday, May 27th

Request for volunteers

Hello Parents,

• Our ninth annual Renaissance Day is coming into focus and we'd like your help!

• All 7th graders are involved. Each student will study and research some aspect of the Renaissance and then, working in groups, present the fruits of their work to their fellow students.

• Students will demonstrate their understanding through presentations on topics drawn from the discoveries, science, politics, arts, and commerce of the Renaissance.

• We'll teach the history and the culture; students will show off what they've learned. It's great fun.

• As in the past, our goal this year is to create true experiential, project-based learning activities for all our students.

We rely on parent volunteers to make our day a smashing success and we're requesting your help.

We're seeking people to take on specific job responsibilities. Most jobs are hands-on, a few are requests are for things, like the dozen or so pop-up structure we need for the day.

Please click on the link below, choose the way you'd best like to help, and help us make this the best Renaissance Day yet.

Joe Dines, Charlie Garfink, Jeff Krause

7th grade history teachers

Wednesday, May 27th, 9-11am

101 Glen Dr

Fairfax, CA