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Puerto Rico


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Latin American Pastimes

Los Festivales

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Central American Country

In Mexico, a Central American Country, they enjoy playing the sport, soccer. They also like to play baseball and basketball. Usually in Mexico, they eat tamales, during the holidays, because they like them. The capital is Mexico City.

La Biblioteca

National Library

This library is located in Ciudad Universitaria, the main campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City.

El Rio

Rio Grande

The Rio Grande is one of the principal rivers in the southwest United States and northern Mexico. The Rio Grande rises from south-central Colorado in the United States and flows to the Gulf of Mexico.

El Campo

Global Works Travel

Global Works offers service-based global adventure travel for teens in 17 countries. Programs foster personal growth and promote community service, language, culture & adventure abroad.

El Estadio

Azteca stadium

a football stadium located in the suburb of Santa Úrsula in Mexico City, Mexico. Since its opening in 1966, the stadium has been the official home stadium of the professional football team Club América and the official national stadium of the Mexico national football team.

La Inglesia

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven is the largest cathedral in the Americas, and seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico.

El Lago

Lake Cuitzeo

Lake Cuitzeo is a lake in central part of Mexico, in the Michoacán State. The lake is astatic, and the volume and level of water in the lake fluctuates frequently. It is the second largest freshwater lake in Mexico.

El Bosque

Lacandon Jungle

An area of rainforest which stretches from Chiapas, Mexico into Guatemala and into the southern part of the Yucatán Peninsela. The heart of this rainforest is located in the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas near the border with Guatemala in the Montañas del Oriente region of the state.

Las Montañas


A dormant volcanic mountain in Mexico located on the border between the State of Mexico and Puebla. It is the nation's third highest, after Pico de Orizaba 5,636 m (18,491 ft) and Popocatépetl 5,426 m (17,802 ft).

La Playa


Cancún, a Mexican city on the Yucatán Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea, is known for its beaches, numerous resorts and energetic nightlife.

La Plaza


The plaza used to be known simply as the "Main Square" or "Arms Square," and today its formal name is Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square). This name does not come from any of the Mexican Constitutions that have governed the country but rather from the Cádiz Constitution which was signed in Spain in the year 1812.

El Restaurante

Casa Guadalajara

Mexican eats with live mariachi music, indoors or on the vibrantly colorful outdoor patio.

El Parque

Six Flags México

    This amusement park (one of the largest in Latin America) features themed areas with rides & shows

El Museo

National Museum of Anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology is a national museum of Mexico. It is the largest and most visited museum in Mexico.

El Centro Comercial

Centro Comercial Santa Fe

Centro Santa Fe is one of the largest and most integrated shopping centres in Latin America. The centre features a 10-screen theatre, several restaurants, and a play area for kids and the best entertainment for all types.

El Supermercado

La Lagunilla Market

La Lagunilla Market is a traditional public market in Mexico City, located about ten blocks north of the city’s main plaza, in a neighborhood called La Lagunilla.