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Cox Mill HS - Student Support Services (S3) - 12.16.20

Wellness Wednesday Topic: Holidays Can Be Stressful

We grow up watching movies about perfect holiday celebrations, but the truth is most family holiday celebrations have some bumps (some more than others). This year will be not different, and for some of us the stress may be even more than usual due to pandemic fallout.

While some of us look forward to the holidays, some of us don't celebrate or the holiday season can make us feel isolated...still others celebrate but worry over strained relationships or other family issues (ex. addictions) that can make the holidays difficult. This year, in particular, many of us will find ourselves having a lot of emotions about traditions that we are missing (ex. family gatherings) because of COVID.

What coping strategies can you use during the holiday season?

  1. Acknowledge your feelings - It's okay to feel sad or anxious.
  2. Reach out - Seek virtual (or in person if possible) connections with trusted friends & family
  3. Be realistic - Don't expect perfection from the holiday season; find moments that are perfect instead.
  4. Set aside differences - Take a time out from disagreeing over politics or other hot button issues so you can better enjoy each other's company.
  5. Stick to a budget - Finances can be a huge worry for many during the holidays, especially now. Be gracious with each other when it comes to gift giving expectations.
  6. Plan ahead - If a particular tradition is not going to happen this year, try substituting something new for now. Shop ahead, bake ahead, and plan ahead for filling the holes that distance creates.
  7. Learn to say no - It's okay to ask friends to "pause" gift exchanges until next year when things are better or decline an invitation because you know social distancing isn't going to happen at an event.
  8. Don't abandon health habits - This is especially important as we all try to keep our immune systems healthy and strong during the pandemic.
  9. Take a breather - If family drama is getting to you, put on your headphones and go for a walk. Chances are things will be calmer when you return. (Remember to use the techniques we have been learning in our SEL lessons.)
  10. Seek professional help if you need it - Even during the holidays, professional support is available at Hope4 NC.

Source: Mayo Clinic

Holiday Cheer from CMHS Staff - Favorite or Wacky?

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Study Strategies for Final Exams

Ever notice how a certain smell or sound can take you back to a certain place and time? It's amazing how vividly we can recall some experiences and knowledge! When you study for exams, try to use all of your senses, as it allows your brain to store information more deeply and effectively. Here are some other study strategies you may find helpful as you use the time over Winter Break to prepare for your final exams.

Memorization Techniques

Researched-Backed Studying Techniques

Study Tips

Memorization Methods and Why They Work

Yearbook Reminders

Don't forget to upload photos for this year's yearbook! You can find the form for uploading photos here. Speaking of photos, have you ordered your yearbook yet? If not, it is not too late to make your order. Click here to place your yearbook order. If you want your yearbook cover personalized, be sure to order by January 29, 2021.

Faculty Fun Fact

Ms. Landon started her career as a school counselor in Hawaii. She and her husband lived and worked on the island of Maui, and her favorite Hawaiian high school tradition was graduation backdrops painted by artists from the senior class. Each graduating class had a totally unique, original work of art mural backdrop at their graduation ceremony. This Hawaii tradition inspired Ms. Landon to create the idea of The Legacy Canvas which has become a Cox Mill High School's tradition. Each year, Cox Mill High School senior artists create a visual time capsule that is displayed at graduation and later hangs in the CMHS Commons.

Student Art Gallery

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