Giotto di Bondone

Renaissance Artist


Giotto di Bondone was born in 1266 in the town of Vespignano, Italy near Florence. He spent most of his time in Florence, although he traveled around Italy. He learned from the Florentine painter Cimabue and he was taught the technique of fresco painting. Giotto kept the culture of Florence. He created paintings in churches throughout Italy and s=made sculptures, and was patronized by the Bardi and Peruzzi families who were powerful in Florence. Some of his pieces include; Giotto's Tower in Florence, the frescoes of The Legend of St. Francis, and The Last Supper.

The Mourning of Christ in the Arena Chapel, Padua

Giotto painted the Arena Chapel in 1305 where it still is today. He painted a biblical scene in each square section in the chapel and combined medieval art with the naturalist style by using colors, starting the transformation into renaissance art. What I found interesting was that the people mourning Jesus are wearing white and other light colors to symbolize Jesus's purity and that he is going to heaven which is symbolized by the light blue around the angels.
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