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Programming for FY 2014

Beginning July 1, 2013, programming monies for this fiscal year are now available for you to spend. Each branch has a total of $500 to be divided between both age level speciality librarians - this can be a 50/50 split or whatever determination you decide together. This money can be utilized for presenters, programming supplies and/or equipment in support of programming, refreshments, etc. Redistributing funds does not eleviate the need for both librarians to provide community programming.

I am advising folks to not purchase gift cards with these funds as your reimbursement can only occur after providing documentation verifying that a gift card has been awarded to a recipient's which is a somewhat length and cumbersome process.

Because several librarians found it challenging to spend their area programming money for FY 2013, I am re-thinking deadlines and may opt for a mid-year deadline for a portion of the budget to be spent. Details will be forthcoming as I finalize them. Perhaps, some of you may interested in using your programming $$ for bulk booking of performers. At this point, all funds for FY 2014 must be spent no later than Thursday, May 15th - meaning all receipts and program confirmations must be in by this date!

Over the next several weeks, I plan to meet with branch librarians to talk about programming plans and ideas for the remainder of this fiscal year. I will be sending out an email to find out dates that work for you.

So start thinking about what happens next - summer reading will eventually end. Let your creative juices flow!

Booking a performer 101

You may use the programming directory wiki on the staff web - currently it is somewhat out of date but there is hope on the horizon that it will eventually be updated.

Or you may use other performers, if they have history with The Free Library their info will be on file - however, if they have not worked with us previously, please clear it with your coordinator and a W-9 will need to be completed before payment can be processed.

Please verify with the presenter the following information:

  • Check recipient's name ( especially important)
  • Presenter's address
  • Honorium amount
  • Date and time
  • Set up arrangement
  • As well, please let your presenter know - that their check will be mailed out 7-10 days following the program. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis - in particular for the large organizations (eg. Zoo on Wheels, Academy on the Go, Walnut Theatre, etc - who request payment in advance and provide you with a written contract).

Finally, forward to me, - your email confirming these details or a written confirmation letter.

Flyers and Publicity

Ideally, programs should be planned in advance. 2-3 months provides time for flyers - however, sometimes stuff happens and things go batty. At the moment, reprographics space is partially under construction. Or a great program falls into your lap. On a side note, shell flyers - eg. preschool story time, summer reading, etc. can be produced in less time.

I will be sending out in the next week or so, a calendar of deadlines for flyers for this fiscal year as a reminder.

For flyers and to be posted on the web calendar - I need the following information:

  • Name of program
  • Presenter (if there is one)
  • Day of week, date and time (or time range - if appropriate)
  • Audience (if not evident by title of program) - preschool, school age, teen, adult, family
  • Brief program summary

I cannot post on the web calendar, events with no date(s) or time(s)

Besides your branch facebook page - you can also post listings with the following:

These are a sampling of places you can post info with - you may also have distribution lists for teachers, day care providers, etc.

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That's it, that's all - for now (anyway)!

As always, you can reach me at 5-7428 or