The Frog in the Well

By John Kim 8AP

What is it about?

This story is about a frog in a well who is determined to get out of the well and explore the world that is far bigger than his.

Li Cunxin and the Frog

Between the frog and Li Cunxin, there were lots of similarities.

First, they both started in the well and didn't have enough knowledge about the outside world.

Secondly, they were both very determined to get out of the well (China in Li's case) they were stuck in.

Compared to these similarities, there was a major difference between the two of them. The frog couldn't make it out of the well but Li could.

What can be learnt from this fable?

From this fable "The frog in the well," we can learn about how some destinies aren't meant to be changed and just have to accept how and where you're living.