Jasleen Bhatti

Me Project

About me!

My name is Jasleen Bhatti. I am currently 15 years old and will turn 16 on August 8. I was born in Toronto, Ont and have been living in Canada since the day I was born. I went to India and lived there for about 2 years when I was young because my parents thought that me and my brother did not know much about our culture or about the relatives living in India. In the beginning I was missing Canada and all my friends and family but after a few months I started liking India and enjoyed there. Those 2 years for me were amazing and were filled with a lot of knowledge about my parents country. Moving on, some of my hobbies include listening to songs, singing, hanging out with my family and friends and most importantly TRAVELLING!! I love travelling whether it is to another country or just going somewhere in Canada. Also, once you start knowing me, you will get to know that I am very talkative if I get comfortable with one.

My Life line

First cultural Dance

This was the first time I performed a cultural dance at the Talent Show at LASS.

Some of my favourite things

  • I love dogs and want to own a dog once I get independent and start earning money since my parents are not buying me a dog. I have been in love with dogs ever since I went to India because all my cousins in India have dogs and I always used to play with them.
  • I love listening to music because it relaxes me and helps me forget about things I am stressing over. I also love travelling to places no matter how far or close the place is. I want to travel to Maldives since my cousins went there and showed me pictures and I found it very beautiful. I have many places I want to visit including England, Australia, Florida, LA and many more. I have a really big bucket list and I hope I will be able to visit all these places once I get older.
  • I love eating food because it makes me feel happy and is something I do whenever I am bored. ( I know it is not healthy but I have promised myself to eat healthy rather then eating fast food when I am bored!)

Leadership Style


An affiliative leader values and creates emotional bonds and harmony, believing that ‘People come first’. Such leaders demonstrate empathy, and strong communication skills, and are very good at building relationships. This style is most useful when a team has been through a difficult experience, and needs to heal rifts, or develop motivation. It is not a very goal-oriented style, so anyone using it will need to make sure others understand that the goal is team harmony, and not specific tasks. It is probably obvious from this that it cannot be used on its own for any length of time if you need to ‘get the job done’.

Example: I have used this leadership style when my friends got into a fight. I put them first and listened to every one of there perspective and helped them resolve the problem by making them communicate to each other and sort everything out.

My Influences

My main influences include the type of music I listen to, my family and friends, high-school and teachers.

Some internal factors that have shaped my character are different emotions, dealing with stress and how to control anger.

Some external factors are my parents, cousins, friends, media and high-school.

My friends have influenced me by always being there for me, encouraging me to do things I am afraid of, giving me lectures on situations I had to deal with and always being honest to me.

My Role Model

A person in my life that has been very important to me is my Mom. She has always been there for me in my ups and downs, always helped me when I went to her because I knew no matter what problem I have she will always have a solution to it. She has been a true inspiration to me because she has told me about her experiences in life and how the real world is and how she took her first step in reality and how she dealt with situations. My mom has been there for me since the day I was born and I am sure she will always be there for me no matter how old I get.

My Future Plan

In my future I want pursue my career in the medical field but I am not sure whether to become an orthodontist or a nurse. I will determine what I want to become by getting suggestions from my parents, relatives and friends. I will also talk to relatives that have pursued there career in one of these jobs. I am interested in the medical filed because I have always been doing good in science and science has been one of my great subjects in school.

Family Symbols

My family is from India and my religion is Sikh. Me and my family believe in god and worship god everyday. We go to the temple on the weekends and also go to the Sikh Day parade every year on May 1st. We visit India every few years during the summer break and sometimes on occasions such as my cousins weddings. Some of my cousins live in India which makes us travel there. It is very fun to go to India and learn about my parents history and go to their homeland. Since I love dogs, most of my cousins own a dog in India which makes me more excited to go there and also travel to places I have never been before.

Quiz Results

Learning Styles, Personality, Interests, Knowledge, Motivation

Learning Styles


As a visual learner, you learn by looking and seeing. You probably like to take numerous detailed notes, tend to sit in the front, often close your eyes to visualize or remember something, and benefit from illustrations and presentations that use colour.


Being an auditory learner means you learn by hearing and listening. You might prefer to listen to audio books or podcasts, hum or talk to yourself often when you are studying, and enjoy acquiring knowledge by reading aloud. What is most important is that you hear what is being instructed.


If you are a kinesthetic learner, you prefer to learn by touching and doing. You likely need to be active, take frequent breaks, and make gestures when you talk and explain something. Your preference is for hands-on experiences, tasks that involve manipulating materials, and you appreciate physically expressed encouragement when you communicate.


Your Personality Type is ISTP

(Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)
ISTPs are practical, logical and realistic, but they’re also creative. They prefer to work independently and when it comes to dismantling, reassembling and creating machines, gadgets or other physical objects they’re right at home.


Your Interest Type is The Activist (SR)

The Activist provides support through action. They are willing volunteers who don’t mind putting themselves in difficult or even dangerous situations to support a cause if it’s one that they believe in. The Activist is genuine, persistent and willing to take a risk which is why they can be found lending a helping hand in even the most challenging environments. Find an Activist when you need somebody who’s willing to lend their support wherever it’s most needed.

A person who is an especially active, vigorous advocate of a cause

Your Primary Interest Trait Is Social (65%)

Your Secondary Trait is Realistic (58%)


Your top Subject area is Creative Arts (72%)

Art courses help you develop artistic abilities, techniques and practices. Topics may include: Visual Arts, Music and Dramatic Arts.

Your second subject area is English (72%)

English courses help you develop your English language skills and gain a deeper understanding of literature. Topics may include: Reading, Writing and Communication.

Your third subject area is Mathematics (67%)

Math courses help you develop your problem solving and reasoning skills. Topics may include: Calculus, Geometry, Algebra and Finite Math.


Your top motivation factor is Achievement (81%)

You want the chance to put your skills, knowledge and abilities to the test. You need to feel like you’ve accomplished something, maybe even something that will stand the test of time.

Support (78%)

You seek out the tools, education and support that will help you get a task done to your satisfaction. You need to find a place that values your contributions, supports you in every way possible and provides you with strong leaders and managers.

Multiple Intelligence

Top 3 Types of Intelligence


You're able to recognize and understand the motivations and feelings of other people. Teachers, psychologists, and salespeople have this intelligence.


You appreciate abstract relationships and can use numbers effectively. Scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers have this intelligence.


You're able to distinguish among your own feelings, build accurate mental models of yourself, and draw on these models to make decisions about your life. People with strength in this intelligence are found in all walks of life.
Check out the suggested Learning Strategies for your types of intelligence.

To find out more about the other types of intelligences, click on the titles in the chart above.

Job Bank









Top 3 Types of Intelligence


You're able to recognize and understand the motivations and feelings of other people. Teachers, psychologists, and salespeople have this intelligence.


You appreciate abstract relationships and can use numbers effectively. Scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers have this intelligence.


You're able to distinguish among your own feelings, build accurate mental models of yourself, and draw on these models to make decisions about your life. People with strength in this intelligence are found in all walks of life.
Check out the suggested Learning Strategies for your types of intelligence.

True Colours

I am gold which means I am Responsible.


  • Organized, plans ahead
  • Follow the Rules
  • Dependable, loyal
  • Concerned with consequence

Strengths and Needs

  • Respect authority
  • Responds to well structured environment
  • Needs order and sequence

Meyer-Briggs Personality Test


54% Extraverted and 46% Introverted


43% Intuitive and 57% Observant


39% Thinking and 61% Feeling


56% Judging and 44% Prospecting


41% Assertive and 59% Turbulent

John Holland Career Clusters


Your primary interest area is Investigative, which means you are a thinker who enjoys working with ideas, theories, and logical analysis. Thinkers enjoy abstract problem-solving and often like to be in a scientific or academic environment. Thinkers want to discover new ideas in their work, and enjoy doing research.

Thinkers prefer jobs that are more intellectual than physical. They often like to work independently, and would usually rather spend their time analyzing data and concepts than trying to motivate or lead other people.

Thinkers like their work best when they can explore concepts and create theories about the way things work. As a Thinker, your primary career goal will be to find a job where you can think through complex, abstract problems, and examine data to discover patterns and principles.

Your Score Summary


Building careers are those that involve mechanics and construction, working with machines, or using physical skills. Builders are often attracted to careers in the military or law enforcement, construction, mechanics, and athletics.

Your interest level for the Building career area is low.


Thinking careers are those that involve research, analysis, and solving abstract or theoretical problems. Thinkers are often attracted to careers in the sciences, computers and technology, mathematics, and medicine.

Your interest level for the Thinking career area is high.


Creating careers are those that involve artistic expression, imagination, and the creative use of language. Creators are often attracted to careers in performing or visual art, music, writing, and all areas of design.

Your interest level for the Creating career area is moderate.


Helping careers are those that involve assisting, teaching, or taking care of other people. Helpers are often attracted to careers in education, counseling, health care, social service, and human resources.

Your interest level for the Helping career area is moderate.


Persuading careers are those that involve leading, influencing, or managing others. Persuaders are often attracted to careers in business, management, sales, retail, and entrepreneurship.

Your interest level for the Persuading career area is high.


Organizing careers are those that involve managing data, files, and processes. Organizers are often attracted to careers in accounting, computers and information systems, administration, and office management.

Your interest level for the Organizing career area is low.

Right or Left Brain

Right Brain-46%

Left Brain-52%

Left brain dominant individuals are more orderly, literal, articulate, and to the point. They are good at understanding directions and anything that is explicit and logical. They can have trouble comprehending emotions and abstract concepts, they can feel lost when things are not clear, doubting anything that is not stated and proven.

Right brain dominant individuals are more visual and intuitive. They are better at summarizing multiple points, picking up on what's not said, visualizing things, and making things up. They can lack attention to detail, directness, organization, and the ability to explain their ideas verbally, leaving them unable to communicate effectively.

Overall you appear to have fairly Equal Hemispheres

Reflection of Quizzes

The test I found the most accurate was the my Blue Print quiz. I found this test the most accurate because it gives all your personality in different quizzes and helps determine your personality better and the qualities you have.

The test that helped me determine what I want to do in the future was also the my Blue Print test because it is very helpful since it has many quizzes to determine different qualities and based on the qualities and the type of knowledge you have, it tells you what career will fit you the most.

The test I found the least helpful was the Right or Left brain test because I did not quite get what it was for since the result it gave me was kind of confusing because in some of the things it told me about, I was the opposite of them.

Four strengths of mine are I am organized, logical, creative and helpful.


Organized-I keep my surroundings clean and all my binders neat which helps me with my work in school as I can easily find my work because I know where I put it.

Logical- I am good at math and and numbers such as helping my mom in groceries and looking up the cost and adding it up.

Creative-I am really creative when it comes to doing artistic work involving thinking and coming up with creative ideas such as on assignments.

Helpful-I always help my friends when ever they are in the need of help. I give my honest opinions whenever they have a hard time deciding on something. I also offer help to people I think are in need and always try my best to help everyone.

Four weaknesses of mine include socializing, working in groups, emotional and sometimes lazy.


Socializing-I have a hard time socializing with strangers or anyone I do not know much even if it is someone in my class. I can never start a conversation and will always want the other person to start as I can not do a face to face conversation and would rather prefer messaging him/her on a social media site. But, once I get comfortable with the person, I start talking to him/her a lot and would not be afraid of starting a conversation.

Working in groups-I find it uncomfortable being in a group in which I do not know the people well as I am shy. But, if I know the people in my group, I will be comfortable enough to talk to them and discuss the work.

Emotional-I get emotional very easily on little things whether it is an emotional scene in a movie or a real life incident with someone I do not know. I find it hard to control my emotions and burst out crying. I need to work on controlling my emotions better and keeping myself stable.

Lazy-I tend to get lazy most of the time and do not feel like doing anything and would rather go to sleep. This mostly occurs in the morning, specific periods because I am not interested in the subject the teacher is teaching or when I am really tired. I find it hard to concentrate on my work sometimes and would go on my device. One method I have found to keep me awake is listening to music that keeps me energetic.

Some things I have learned about myself is that I can be creative if I try and spend more time on thinking of ideas rather than going straight to work.

A quality of mine that surprised me was that I can be persuading, I have never tried to lead others or might have never influenced others. But, if i try I might be good at it and would be satisfied since I do not think I can persuade others.